Castration Erotic Hypnosis

Often times there are things in the news that will remind me of a caller or trigger the basis of a blog. However, never in all my life has an article hit my funny bone so hard due to its perfect timing. I should start at the beginning I have a gentleman (use that term rather loosely) who calls for erotic hypnosis sessions.

castration erotic hypnosis phone sex

We have done various sessions from cock shrinking to enforcing wearing panties to just desiring a pussy. What we cover is really no rhyme or reason but they all have the same basis of he shouldnt have that cock. Come to think of it we have even done some castration hypnosis.

Anyways we were doing a few calls this week that tied into castration. I will not go into the full details just cause I havent really blogged about him before I I hate to reveal the full topic without his approval, something I like to get from most my callers.

So up pops this story about the man who gets his balls stuck in an IKEA chair. Now admittedly I laughed my ass off first never did I think of my dear nutless caller. Not till he sent me the link. He didnt say anything. Just the link. Guessing wondering what my reaction would be.

“Guess your going to IKEA to buy a chair!”

Now granted my mind was swirling around our last 2-3 erotic hypnosis phone sex calls where we had been focusing on a version of castration so I rather forgot he needed to have balls in order to get them stuck in a chair.

Ooops my mistake. Course that little idea wouldnt be lost on anyone else who is up for some castration fantasy fun!

Now if your into some wild castration fantasy or cock shrinking fantasy then I would love to have you fall under my spell. Let me get my hands not only on your mind but your balls too!


Bathroom Fetish Hypnosis Phone Sex

So as most of you know who follow my blog hypnosis phone sex is my thing and I am rather open minded when it comes to what fetish I will cover with erotic hypnosis. Well today, actually being honest just hung up from our call, a guy hit me with a fetish I hadnt really covered in an hypnosis phone sex call before.

bathroom fetish hypnosis phone sex

YES! I know I was rather shocked too that I hadnt covered this fetish either but like I say if you guys are patient with me I am open to exploring any and well all fetishes through erotic hypnosis.

Your probably going enough already Savannah get to what this wonderful fetish was that you of all Hypno Goddess had yet to explore through hypno. Well it was a bathroom fetish and yes I have done them before in a short 10 minute session where there was no hypno involved but never explored through a trance or least on this level.

He wanted me to trigger him to piss his pants!

Who am I to avoid that type of call. In fact, I would be full on lying if I said I wasnt giddy over where this call would go. Cause never covering this particular watersport fantasy before I had no real idea where I would take things. Now me being me I admitted to the caller it was my very first bathroom fetish hypnosis call.

I didnt want to in anyway dazzle him with bullshit over how I was gonna rock his world with my deep understanding of his piss his pants fantasy. I did say I know hypnosis inside and out so that part of our call was gonna be a breeze how I was gonna incorporate the two was a bit of a mystery. Granted I knew how but it was how exactly. How I was gonna get the right level of humiliation that he got that rush he was looking for.

So thank you for being patience with me.

If you have a bathroom fetish and looking to explore it during a hypnosis phone sex trance then give me a call. Please remember that 30 minute minimum is recommended for an erotic hypnosis trance.

Just ask for Savannah


My piss his pants man sent me a very nice email with feedback and since he was looking for a place to post thought why not include it with this blog post.

“If this was truly your first call of this type, you stepped right in to my head and the fantasy with amazing skill.  It was the little details that made it fun.  For being put on the spot without the chance to prep for it, you hit all the rights notes.  The changing color to dark fabric, to the sensations, the emotions, the public experience and their reactions, you provided an amazing call for me.  Seriously and genuinely, thank you!!!

Since it was our first call, and I knew it was less than a typical topic, I had my concerns going in.  Having some experience with hypno files I figured it would take some repetition, or more than 1 call to get where we want.  I appreciated and respect your honesty going in to the call.  It was more sincere than I expected.  The call was courteous, sincere, insightful, amazingly hot and soaking wet.  It was everything I was hoping for and more.  I didn’t see a place to leave feedback.  If there is, I’d be happy to leave you one.”
Glad you enjoyed it and I had as much fun as you did!

Phone Sex Goddess’ Anniversary

Its nearing the end of February and that means creeping up on another celebration of my phone sex anniversary. Really need to start doing cake n candles and balloons, you know a full on celebration hahah.

phone sex

It still blows me away and its always upon the anniversary date that I think about it the most. I get to spend my time with you kinky guys and do this for a living. I use to sit behind a desk crunching numbers and putting out office mini fires and now I am enjoying sexy conversations and erotic fantasies. Sure you find me taking calls most days of the week but its only cause I love it so much. Perhaps I am the one with the  phone sex addiction? Haha!

So this is a big shout out to you guys for calling and letting me put you under and mess with your mind through erotic hypnosis, to tease your cocks till those balls are blue, making you slutty little bitches in hooker clothes and of course having you howl at the moon.

Been one amazing year. Definitely looking forward to another year of wild phone sex adventures.



Orgasm Control Phone Sex Hypnosis

Was gonna write an erotic hypnosis blog but my mind is drawing my attention to another one of my favorite fetishes to do… Orgasm Control Phone Sex.

orgasm control phone sex

Yes the idea of controlling your orgasms is what I am longing for right now. To take full control over your cock and leave you breathless.

Begging really.

To know that I am the keeper of your pleasure just has me sighing in satisfaction. Perhaps thats not the right expression but definitely a sense of mischief perhaps. That sexy vixen ready to come out and play with you. Coaxing you. Encouraging you to reach that wonderful edge then……

Yes taking that pleasure away.

Well not fully taking it away I mean after all the joy is not from your orgasm but the journey on getting there. The build up. The work out that has your cock throbbing so hard you want to cum but at the same time you are loving the game we have going.

Yes that is where I want to be with you.

Teasing you into a mind fucking tizzy of tight ball pleasure.

Hmm is that a state of mind? Well we are about to make it one!

Course with orgasm control phone sex the objective is on you obeying me. Obeying my every command. So perhaps I bring this blog right back to an erotic hypnosis state by saying lets give you no option but to obey?

A few wonderful hypnotic triggers in place that will have you eager to follow my every command. Now I think we are on the right track for our orgasm control phone sex call. You drifting off into that deep state of trance where I can encourage you to follow. Obey really my every command that has you edging.

Mind you we shall have to figure out how long you wish to edge for cause I can get a touch carried away. Just saying.

Just ask for Savannah.

Oh and if you wish to do an orgasm control phone sex session with a hypnotic trance then please book a minimum of 30 minutes to ensure you reach the right level of trancing.

Erotic Phone Sex Fantasies with Savannah

This week its been one winter storm after the other. Should say its a west coast storm so its high winds and tons of rain. The white stuff can stay up the mountains thanks. But the weather does have me staying inside more curling up on the couch and well getting me in the mood for more erotic phone sex based fantasies.

erotic phone sex fantasies

Some may call them girlfriend experience type calls but I just think of them as more sensual based over fetish base. Doesnt mean we can dive into the kinky and perverse but I really do wanna take my time and ensuring both of us get to that hot and heated place of pure pleasure.

The kind of pleasure where our body is tingling from all the fun we had together. You know that place I am talking about.

Anyways that could be a sensual conversation about our favorite fetishes. Or a very long tease and denial session where I take full control of your cock. Or just both of use pleasuring ourselves while on the phone together. Something exciting and erotic about listening to another person focus on their own pleasure while your doing the same. Kind of feed off that hot erotic sensual energy.

Yes hypnosis can even be included in on that sensual phone sex fantasy. I mean I love it so and adore sharing it with others. So why not have it on the list of possibilities.

I know I am home tonight curled up under my thick blanket wearing nothing more than a tee shirt, panties and knee socks. Lets explore some erotic phone sex fantasies together.

Just ask for Savannah!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Savannah

No matter what the weather I am someone who always goes for pedicures. Love being able to look down at my toes and seeing them painted some luxurious color. To rub my feet together and feel nothing but softness.

Granted I may look a little silly wearing my flip flops in a winter storm due to the fact my freshly pedicured feet are unable slip into other shoes cause heaven forbid I scuff the polish.

foot fetish

Why do I say this. Well for those with a foot fetish out there cause I know your probably not feeling the love since all those perfectly polished toes are tucked away into some winter attire. Well I am here to say that some of us ladies are teasing you just perhaps under some less than desirable foot wear.

If I could I would be wearing strappy sandals and flip flops all year long. I really do hold off wearing closed toe shoes and boots as long as possible. Think I made it till the first week of November this year. However, mother nature does have me slipping my feet into my Manitoba mukluks, Uggs and leather boots once again. Yes I do admit to wearing Uggs but hey I love the feel of that fur against my bare feet what can I say.

Perhaps those with a foot fetish will love knowing that my feet are bare in those boots and you can look past my choice of foot wear. Knowing my perfectly lacquered toes are wiggling in that soft furry enclosure of a boot. Tickling my soft soles.

Your getting the idea right?

Just imagine slipping that boot off and your face to face with the bottom of my foot that has been wrapped up in such wonderfulness? Be you can. Dont you want to just rub your face all over that smooth bottom of my foot. To feel my arch cup your cheek?

Well lets have some fun with that during a little foot fetish phone sex call. Oh and we can slip any sort of foot wear you wish on my feet. I just like to let you know what happens to be on my feet currently.

Just ask for Savannah when you call.



Halloween Phone Sex Role Plays with Savannah

My favorite holiday shall soon be upon us ~ Halloween!

I cant say why this holiday excites me. Just always been one of those things where I have loved to dress up. When I was little it was all about being creative and making your own costume. My mom was never one that would go and buy our costume.

Unfortunately, the whole making a costume thing is rather lost on me as an adult. I try my best to be crafty but sewing was never one of those skills I picked up. But the whole picking some persona to assume for the evening that excites me. Much like phone sex role plays do.

phone sex role play

You get to be anyone and explore some fantasy I probably wouldnt think of exploring in my day to day life. Hell who can say they can go from being a hot boss taking advantage of some married man in the office to a sexy succubus consuming a guys soul with one kiss in just one day! Not many I would assume.

Well suppose that let the cat out of the bag some as to what kind of phone sex role play I was looking to get into. For I was thinking something a bit supernatural taking on a Halloween vibe. Perhaps I am a vampire and gonna transform you into one or maybe just use you for my personal blood bank. There are a few hot werewolf lovers out there and I do enjoy our kinky fantasies together.

The list can go on and on. Sure you have a kinky fantasy that is just perfect for Halloween. Or maybe its not so much a supernatural vibe and more a lets have fun while trick r treating sort of scenario. That can be cool too.

Look forward to see what trouble we can find together. Just ask for Savannah!

Orgasm Edging Phone Sex with Savannah

Teasing comes naturally to me. So much in fact I am not even aware that I am doing it. My friends just say its part of my flirty nature. However, if your on the other end of my teasing ways you may disagree that I am unaware.

orgasm edging phone sex

You would probably assume that I have been calculating every move.

Which might be true especially when it comes to a tease and denial phone sex session. See there is a certain someone out there who has been enduring about a two month teasing session from yours truly.

Now did I set out to tease him for two months? NO!

Will he agree to that statement doubtful. However, things happen and well between his schedule and mine all of a sudden were are sitting at 2 months if not more of him edging his orgasm. Not saying this is not the most painful experience of his life but hey I gave him a few chances to wave the white flag and he refused wanting to endure even more orgasm edging phone sex with yours truly.

So could I really say no when he is begging so nicely not to let him cum?

I couldnt so those balls became bluer and bluer.

The teasing more intense than the time before.

Gotta say even with all this edging he is impressing me with how much blue ball pain he can take for not many would endure 2 months if not longer of orgasm denial. Sure it started as an orgasm edging phone sex fantasy but now we are straight on to denial.

Rather impressive.

Course now the teasing has gone a touch too far for he is in need of an orgasm. The balls are so full they can not take any more edging. He leaks when ever he hears my voice. Actually its more like his cock leaks when ever he thinks of me. Which is rather exciting.

Even as I write this orgasm edging phone sex blog he still has not cum. He was suppose to tonight but I was under the weather and he was having too much fun at the club so those blue balls are gonna ache for another night. We did do an orgasm edging phone sex session earlier in the day. So I know those balls are super full right now.

How long do you think you could last with out an orgasm?

Give me a call and lets find out.


Body Worship Phone Sex with Savannah

Today is one of those days where I am definitely tapping into my inner Goddess. The desire to have a man worship my body is rather strong. Sure I am always in the mood to have a man kneel before me and pay special attention to my body but today its off the charts.

body worship phone sex

Which if you havent figured out means I am most definitely in the mood for some erotic body worshiping phone sex fantasies. Something soft and sensual where I feel the divine goddess I am. Pure sensual domination that will have you eager to pamper every inch of my body.

To desire to run your tongue over my soft skin.

Your lips wrapped around my pedicured toes.

Your fingers trace over my smooth pussy lips.

Your hands caress over my hardening nipples.

Your getting the idea right?

A full on body worship phone sex fantasy that has you eager to leave my body trembling from multiple orgasms. Yes that is where I want the worshiping to go today. From soft touches to orgasmic shakes.

You cant say you havent ever thought about pleasing me. I know the desire is there so now is the time. To indulge in the erotic fantasy.

Talk to you soon.



13 Freaky Fetish Phone Sex Fun with Savannah

Today I have been so busy that I realized at about 10:50pm that I have almost let this day fly by without a blog. And before you go but Savannah who cares when you post this blog. I do!

freaky fetish phone sex

Its Friday the 13th and I love posting 13 fetish phone sex calls to do for the Friday. However, since I am squeaking in by the hair on my chinny chin chin. I think it should be fetish fantasies to do for the weekend. Just so we can have some time to work on them.

  1. Erotic Hypnosis. You know this has to be a topic of the weekend. Anything goes with hypno so bring on the fun.
  2. Orgasm Edging. I love bringing you guys to the ultimate edge of pleasure by controlling your orgasms. So course this has to be on the list.
  3. 2 Girl Phone Sex Call. It has been some time since I got to play with another girl on the phone so lets make that happen this freaky friday weekend.
  4. Cuckold Fantasy. Yes this is a big subject in and of itself but one that should be covered.
  5. Foot Fetish. I missed my pedicure this week and well think someone should pamper my feet.
  6. Succubus Fantasy. I havent done one of these in ages so please let me take your sou.
  7. Sissy Boy. Its summer and all the pretty dresses must have you eager to play dress up.
  8. Transformation Fantasy. This could tie into the erotic hypnosis fantasy and well this gets to be crossed off the list cause I already chatted with Dakota my sexy bimbo in the middle of her transition.
  9. Strap on! Course someone will want to bend over and take it up the ass right?
  10. Cock sucking Fantasy. Sorry all the last 3-4 on the list sort of lead to this but hey cant blame me apparently I have that on my mind haha.
  11. Cum Eating Instructions. Making you eat yours of course.
  12. Ass Worship. Hey with an ass like mine you cant say you havent thought about burying your tongue between these hot cheeks.
  13. Supernatural. Yup this has to be on the list if you want to dive into an werewolf or vampire or witch type supernatural fantasy I am all ears.

So there is my list of 13 freaky fetish phone sex topics to do this weekend. After all its suppose to be a scortcher here and well I see no reason to leave my cool bedroom with this list. Help me check things off the list.

Yes! This is posted just in time 11:11pm