Humiliation Phone Sex Goddess Savannah

Does a sexy woman’s laughter dancing in your ear just get your excited? Not in the sense of oh her laugh is sexy but because your pathetic being is causing her to laugh. To be honest isnt that why you call for some humiliation phone sex? You love knowing the reason the sexy Goddess on the other end of the phone is laughing cause of YOU.

humiliation phone sex goddess

There is no denying it. This woman doesnt know you. Doesnt care too. She will only tell you the truth. Between giggle fits that is.

See thats how I work. I have no reason to lie to you. I really dont give to shits about you. For your only hear to amuse me for the time you bought to spend with me. Oh I know sounds rather cold when I type it out but really… When I whisper this in your ear. Have it dancing over my breathy, seductive voice it will get your limp dick jumping for joy.

Yes I am that sensual domme who will happily tell you the truth about how worthless I think you are. How yes size matters. Really the list will go on and on with hard truths. Go on ask away. You want to know the truth from a beautiful, sensual woman? Now is the time to ask. Oh and it will come at a most humiliating price.

So be careful what you wish to know for I will not apologize on what I see as my personal truths. The only time I will talk to you is on the phone and my guess it will be often for you will seek out my form of humiliation phone sex. You will long for my sexy laugh demoralizing you.

What are we waiting for you might as well pick up that phone and call me now. Not like you have anything better going on in your life.



Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Fantasy with Savannah

Erotic hypnosis phone sex is one of those fetishes that I have done for quite a few years. Those that have read my blogs know its one of my favorite phone sex fetishes to do. There is just something so exciting to spend the time with a person lulling their mind into a deep erotic trance where they are open to my hypnotic suggestions.

erotic hypnosis phone sex fantasy

Now I will admit my trancing is probably not different than anyone else’s out there but what does make it unique is Me. My voice. For really in an erotic hypnosis phone sex fantasy the voice is key. The voice is what allows you to relax and enter into that state of deep state of trance. The voice creates a sense of safety where you allow yourself to open your mind to my suggestions and triggers. The voice paints the vivid picture in which your erotic fantasies or picture with will become intense images within your mind.

That is what I offer over someone else. So if you have tried others and have felt you were left longing or just didn’t reach that level of hypnotic trance you were looking for. Perhaps its time to give my voice a try. I will admit my style to get you under is not like anything you have ever done before but my voice is sensually seductive which is more than likely what you have been missing. For to have a wonderful erotic hypnosis phone sex experience you really do need to connect with the voice on the other end of the phone.




Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Savannah

panty fetish phone sex

Are you someone with a fetish for panties? Be it you like to look at panties on women OR maybe wear them yourself? I am not here to judge what you do with women’s panties but only here to help add to your fun. Use fetish phone sex to explore your panty fetish desires.

For honestly there are so many ways we can go from humiliation; be you wearing them or what you stuff in those panties. Truly catch me on the right day and humiliation phone sex insults just fly out of my mouth. With a sweet smile of course.

Then there is those encouraging calls where I help you dive into wearing those panties of perhaps someone you know. See I have done fetish phone sex for so long I have heard all the excuses why you shouldnt indulge in your panty fetish and well I am here to say why not enjoy it!

Probably one of my favorites is the jerk off sessions with panty fetish boys. Yes I know it sounds weird but I love making you guys jerk off with your favorite item of women’s lingerie. The stories I hear about who’s panties you have wrapped around your cock at that precise moment is unreal. Some very taboo stories too.

Suppose I could just let you do what you need to in the privacy of your home but lets face it you want someone to talk to that understands your panty fetish. Talk to someone who can enhance your secret fetish. I am that person so give me a call for the hottest fetish phone sex around.




Humiliation Hypnosis Phone Sex with Savannah

It has been some time since I blogged about Bathroom Wanker and one of our hypnosis phone sex adventures together. Part of it has been our schedules keeping us apart and the other is I have simply been bad about blogging my phone adventures. Can spank me later 😉

There is always this sense with the humiliation hypnosis calls between BW and myself that it be more intense and more humiliating than the last. I think its a desire on his end to prove that he is the biggest loser to fall under my hypnotic control. I wont lie ever since he went under (ever so easily) he has been one of the most interesting in his quest for humiliation, from losing his erections to what will actually get him off. I have definitely fucked with his mind and helped in all areas on things. Took great pleasure in it actually.

humiliation hypnosis phone sex

Now on to what this humiliation hypnosis phone sex call brought. What interesting idea BW brought forward. It was one where he had stolen someones panties to jerk off with. I know your thinking where is the humiliation aspect to that? Very simple it was who owned those panties. It was from the floor of the guest room his college coed niece was staying in for the weekend. While she was off having a shower he went into the guest room and scoped up those probably still body warm panties from the floor and intended to jerk off into them.

I know sounds easy peasy right. Well the kicker to it all was him getting warmed up in his own bathroom and finishing off the deed in the guest room. So he could leave those freshly filled with cum panties in her luggage.

Now you see where the aid of some hypnosis came in. To give him that extra boost to be a fucking loser that would do such a thing. I could tell you how it all turned out but then that would ruin the fun of someone else wanting to explore this fantasy on their own.

How would this panty jerk off finish for you?




Erotic 2girl Phone Sex Fantasy

2girl phone sex

This call happened a little bit ago and it wasnt that I had forgot about it but more just finding the right time to add it to my blog. It was a 2girl phone sex call that occurred between M and Ariel. Now usually M loves his 2girl fantasies to revolve around the erotic lesbian role play that takes place in Lipstick Dreams.

Thanks to M I have gotten a chance to explore many women with this ongoing elaborate phone sex fantasy. However, the call with Ariel took a bit of a twist instead of her coming to me to join the group at Lipstick Dreams, she was M’s secretary and I was the jealous wife.

Jealous of the time she was spending with my husband. Jealous of her youth. Jealous of her trying to get his attention with her sexy clothes. Knowing full well my husband wouldnt stray but really when he is face to face with coed every day who knows men are weak.

There was only one way to deal with the little trollop and that was to invite her over for dinner and put an end to her anticipations of getting into my husbands pants. Told M it was under the guise of wanting to meet who he spends so much time with. Like to know who I talk to while he is so busy. Put a face to the voice type of deal who really knows what all I said. He just had her come over like a good boy.

When he left to make drinks I let her know that I would not be having any of this shit. M and I had been married for far too long and that she with her young firm body would not get in the way of things.

lesbian phone sex

Some how our conversation when from me laying down the law about things to Ariel and I making out. She was very sexy. I couldnt resist. The way she dressed. Oh man. My panties were wet.

I know you would love to find out M’s response to his wife engaging in lesbian activities in front of him but that will just have to wait. For its far more fun when you find out how hot and erotic such a scene is when you experience your own 2girl phone sex call.

There are a number of sexy girls to choose from so just tell the dispatcher you wish to book a two girl fantasy with myself Savannah and another girl of your dreams.




Hot Phone Sex Anniversary

hot phone sex anniversary

Its that time of year again where I mark my sensual phone sex anniversary. No I am not about to toss out the number of years I have been talking dirty on the phone, thats like a girl saying what she weighs. Lets just say you guys have been enjoying my sultry tone for some time and from the response you hope that I keep on doing it.

No need to worry I have absolutely no intentions of stopping for I adore phone sex far too much. I am truly writing this off the cuff and have no preconceived idea as to how this post was going to go other than just a heart felt thank you to those that have called me over the years. This truly is a time of reflection for me from the very first caller I took that broke me into this crazy business all the way to those that call me on a regular basis and share their fetish/fantasies with me. Just Thank You!

Always a delight in getting to see how our phone relationship grow and the exploration of your fantasies transform as well. In fact, just had this conversation with ONE as we discussed how our play with his fetish has changed over the years. Definitely something that has been fun seeing develop as he became comfortable with me but also as we just let the fantasy unfold. Which I think can be a fun thing I am not one for set goals with calls but to allow the call just flow where it wants to be. This works for some while others it drives them crazy, they want a rough direction on where the fantasy will go. Yes you know exactly who you are 😉

So thank you for another amazing year and I plan to cheers to another glorious year with my great clients. If you havent had the chance to call me then you really need to find out what the guys I blog about already know.




Humiliation Phone Sex Adventures with Bathroom Wanker

humiliation phone sex

Humiliation phone sex call be rather interesting for there is the pushing someone to do something they wouldnt normally do during our time together on the phone. Then there is extending the humiliation once the call is over such as a blog. Letting others read what happens during that intimate act between the two of us on the phone.

Not knowing what will be revealed about that one on one time. Its almost as exhilarating as the humiliation fantasy itself. Toss in you never know exactly when that story will be posted on my blog and your left with a itch you just cant scratch.

Welcome to Bathroom Wankers current world for he has done a number of calls with me over the last few months and he is in a state of blue balls waiting for his humiliation phone sex blog to hit. So that he can stroke out that orgasm. The long over due orgasm.

Well lets get down to the details of our last call so that he can wank away and you can all join in the laughter of how much a loser he really is. For you have all read him spiral down into this state of loserness.

He had told me about this friend of his that he had been wanking too via her facebook page. Every time she posted new pics he would be grabbing his tablet and hitting the bathroom to jerk off to the images. Course that meant he needed a loser phone sex hypnosis session  basically implanting how much of a wanker he was cause no hot girl would want him.

You would think this call would take place in his bathroom with the girls face book page open but not the fucker took his state of loserness to a new level. The object of his obsession went on holidays and needed a house sitter and he volunteered much to his wife’s surprise. YES Bathroom wanker is married!

So there he is doing a call with me in the obsession girls bathroom while his wife is asleep up stair jerking off. He was trying to be super quiet while wearing the hot chicks panties. Humping that air wishing he could have her pussy.

As you think about him cumming in her pretty panties that wouldnt be the case for he was a total creeper and brought out this girls wedding dress which is now sporting a cum stain on it.

Yup nasty as it gets.

Thats the latest humiliation phone sex hypnosis adventures with bathroom wanker. Stayed tune for many more.




Sensual Phone Sex Domme Savannah Loves to Tease and Deny Orgasms

sensual phone sex domme

Where does one start head is spinning around with such amazing sensual phone sex calls that have occurred over the last while and yes I know I havent found the time to blog a single one of them.

My lack of attention to my blog usually means that you guys are keeping me so busy on the phone I barely have time to keep up with my writing so in a way that is a good thing. 😉 Today I am gonna try my best to catch up on my blog.

Such as someone who is a regular caller of mine well what seems like forever. ONE! He adores to be teased and course calling this sensual phone sex domme gets him not only a tease and denial phone sex call but pushing him to the brink of orgasm edging as well. Ok so not pushing it but puts him on the edge haha.

The other week we did an all day long tease and denial phone sex session. Where he would call up and I would get his cock just aching with the urge to orgasm. His cock swelling. Precum dripping. Then tell him I was done and he was to call back at certain time for a certain amount of time.

Sure he would moan with frustration for he was so close to cumming in his pretty panties but at the same time there was that excitement of knowing he was just beginning his orgasm edging experience with his favorite sensual domme. The one that knew his cock so well. The years of talking to him only make the edging that more intense.

Each call got him twisting in his chair hoping he was going to cum that round. Questioning but not wanting to ask if he was gonna be able to extend to the point of exploding.

I so adore teasing you ONE. Love knowing those little details that will get your cock responding to my words.

Mind you ONE loves it too for he called back just the other day for another orgasm edging phone sex session hahah. Course this time he couldnt go as long but it was definitely hot.




Erotic Lesbian 2Girl Phone Sex Fantasy with Savannah

2gorl phone sex

Last night got to dive into the wonderful erotic lesbian fantasy world with M. This amazing fantasy has taken so many twist and turns over the years swear its my own personal soap opera with M as the erotic writer. Every new chapter takes us on a new adventure and course cant very well have an erotic lesbian experience without another lovely young woman by my side. Often times M has chosen the girl based on something physically that caught his eye or something within her bio and he instantly knows she must join us in a 2girl phone sex adventure to Lipstick Dreams the back drop for this lesbian soap opera of sorts.

Course last night was a bit of an interesting twist for it was one where I got to enjoy the company of Karen who was there at my conversion into lesbianism. The start to all of this amazing woman on woman dream land. However, rather than having some fun with Karen it was one where I found out she had a son who was married and Karen felt the daughter inlaw should be apart of the lesbian lifestyle that Lipstick dreams provided. (See told you very soap opera esq.)

Who was I to turn down such a request from my long time love. Karen always did have such a unbelievable power over me. She knows it too.

That is when the 2girl phone sex fantasy switch to myself and Bella, Karen’s daughter in law and my soon to be latest fling. For the only way to make Bella be a permanent resident at my lesbian club was to ensure she would never want for a dick again. That is through hypnotizing her and well sleeping with her. Has to be some perks to my job.

Once converted with my mind fuck and lovely tongue action on such a sweet pussy it then became time to inform her hubby. How do you think he took the news?

Well maybe you would love your own 2girl phone sex call where the women decide they give up cock for pussy. Lots of amazing girls to choose from and the dispatcher will be more than happy to set up the details on such a fun call.




Kinky Phone Sex Role Play with Savannah

phone sex role play

The enjoyment of Halloween is now over. It has to be one of  my favorite holidays ever since I was lil sure there is the getting of chocolate. I do have a massive sweet tooth which is why I run all the time. But its the allure of the costumes and being able to role play on a day where everyone else is too. You can be anything. Suppose really that is what draws me to phone sex in general. You can act out what ever fantasy or role play on the phone.

I know your wondering what did you go as Sav? I went as a ballerina it wasnt really my first choice as I would of gone with something super sexy and possibly slutty. However, my boyfriend had no idea he had the night off till the day before so I was madly trying to get something together within 24hrs. Thankfully a friend had the ballerina costume from a few years ago. Got to say wearing a tutu was quite fun.

We had gone to a few house parties and dabbled with the idea of going to the bar but somewhere along the lines that got ditched. Alone time won out! Apparently I am not the only one who found dressing up for Halloween rather inspiring for the bedroom activities.

Did you find yourself seeing some costumes that inspired you to think about some interesting sexual fantasies? How about giving me a call and we can build a phone sex role play around those ideas. Who knows you may inspire me to umm well have some fun off the phone too. Which is always a wonderful thing.