Lesbian Fantasy

I got to enjoy a call with Mark. He pops into the phone sex chat room from time to time to see how I am doing and a bit more really. Our calls started with the sexual conversion of sexy Jocelyn into being my lesbian lover. The twists and turns of that lesbian fantasy always kept me on my toes. Some sort of saw it coming but for the most part never really did see where things were going to go in that phone sex fantasy. The other night Mark came back into chat to see if I was up for another role play. The question was did I want to play the role of converting another cheap phone girl or did I want to be the one being sexually converted into lesbianism. Well always loving to try knew things it was time to take on the role of being the one transforming into a lesbian.

lesbian phone sex

Now the basis of the fantasy was that I was to be Mark’s wife and venture into a strip club for something new. Little spice up of the relationship. Only to find out that I was completely turned on by the girls dancing before us. I think you can see where this is going. It was going to be me heading into the back room for a little private dance with one sexy stripper and myself. Leaving my husband behind in the club unable to watch.

I know your wondering what cheap phone girl got to be the one to convert me? Well the girl that caught Mark’s eye was Gina. The part on her bio was that she was all about female superiority. Of course she was going to be the one to lead me into lesbianism to forsake men and cock all together. To discover the pure bliss and happiness that only a woman’s pussy can bring.

For that pussy can lead me to do all sorts of things that I didnt know I was capable of doing such as getting up to dance and tease cocks. To become a dancer and toy with men in such a way that they think they shall get my pussy but it is meant for one person and one person only……

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