Have to say these “About Me” sections though I know its helpful to some degree always find them difficult to write. For do you wish to know about my phone sex persona as in what fetishes get me excited or the real me the girl I am walking down the street.

My blog I generally try to create a bit of both. Hopefully a smooth transition between the girl you chat with on the phone and the girl you would met should you bump into me at a cafe. Gotta say there really is not distinction between the two. Other than I am much more prim and proper on the street. The flashing my ass is usually more a fantasy than reality. Well scratch that more depends on where I am. I could be that much of a tease if the company is right.

So about me. I am 100% Canadian have the sexy accent to prove it. No not one to use eh that much due to being on the west coast. Live in around the Vancouver area my whole life.

I use to be a receptionist and office manager but over the years have given it up to persue doing phone sex full time. Yes kinky right? Found it rather difficult to do calls all night and then get up at the crack of dawn and be functional in the office. So slowly my 9-5 hr got cut back. Now I am 100% phone sex vixen which I love.

Those wondering how did I end up being a seductive phone sex vixen. Well it started as a joke. My male friends bugged me about having a super sexy voice and that I should try out to be a phone girl. I always thought they were being funny. Till one day I said fine I will prove you wrong. Looks like I got proved wrong.

I wont say how long I have been doing phone sex cause its rather like asking a lady her age. Its rather taboo but will say its the best I will show you moments ever. For there is nothing better than being able to talk to men about their fantasies.

Now I am using my voice for good rather than getting out of speeding tickets. No wait still using it for that too. Well my voice and a little flash of the leg too.

So that’s me in a nut shell suppose. Hot sexy Canadian with a seductive voice and a sarcastic sense of humor.

The Numbers you should remember for me:

September 1 Birthday

5’5 Height without heels

115 lbs

32 B – 24 – 34 Measurements

Size 4 for Dresses

Size 9.5 for Shoes

1*888*904*9766 That is the number that gets you to me.

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