Fetish Phone Sex Fun the Friday 13th Edition

The last Friday the 13th of 2019! As you all know this is my favorite day. Not sure what it is about Friday the 13th but always feels rather magical. And keeping with my enjoyment of the day would be fun to indulge in some fun, kinky fetish phone sex calls through out the day.

fetish phone sex

1. Erotic Hypnosis of course this has to be on the list. I mean its is what brings me joy and taking you under on my favorite day would be rather wicked.

2. Orgasm denial, this cant be a shocker either cause I do love teasing you to that edge and denying you till those balls are blue.

3. Sissification considering its Friday night would be sweet to dress you up all pretty.

4. Cuckolding grant you a bit of fun with my sweet creamy pussy.

5. Werewolf fantasy the moon is still rather fun and well be a shame not to do this fantasy on a Friday the 13th

6. Cum Eating you and I both know you were looking for a special occasion to dive into that splodge pile and well here it is.

7 Strap on fantasy. You ass has been craving a little attention hasnt it?

8 Cock Sucking now this could have you sucking my strap on or making you suck other men. I can be flexible on it.

9. Panty boys love to hear what panties you have recently acquired.

10. Foot fetish I do love teasing you with my freshly painted toes and having you worship my feet.

11.  Giantess well it would be more you shrinking down to being 13 cm tall. (Figured 13 inches would be too tall lol) Then having some fun with you being my purse puppet.

12. BBC this number just has to be that fetish phone sex topic. Large massive foot long black cocks and having all sorts of fun with them.

13. I am gonna leave this as the anything goes fetish topic. For I am sure you have a certain fetish I havent even covered in this list or my blog so lets dive into it tonight.

So that is my list of fetish phone sex calls to do tonight. Or hopefully get today. Think it would be amazing to kick the year off with a bang.

Just ask for Savannah



Erotic Hypnosis Experience with Goddess Savannah

Got told the other night my voice was perfectly suited for erotic hypnosis phone sex calls. I thanked them for the compliment and smiled for I knew all to well the power my voice has over a man’s mind. That ability I have to draw a man into my sensual mind games. Some times I dont even realize that I am doing it myself if I am being honest. For that light hypnotic dance. Sensual lull is just so natural. I know how to pick my words so they will danced along my tongue and create a sweet relaxing sensation within your ears.

erotic hypnosis

The tone of my laugh will even entrance you and draw you down into my hypnotic space.

For an erotic hypnosis phone sex call with me is an experience of all the senses. That sense of body where you those goose bumps happen when you hear me say a certain word. That word that will bring a sense of excitement over your body. That shiver of sensual delight

Definitely your mind for my voice is dancing between your ears and lulling you into that soft sensual space where you dont care what is being said just as long as its my voice that is wafting between your ears.

Your soul. That deep sense of satisfaction after you have been taking up and down that delightful staircase of relaxation. Your body is feeling exhausted yet your mind is feeling exhilarated from the erotic fantasy you just experienced being under. You crave more but at the same time you just want to lay there in the blissful moment and let it sink in.

That is an erotic hypnosis phone sex call with myself. As I have said a few times it wont matter to me what we talk about for the fetish and the fantasy is the icing on this wonderful experience. I am just delighted in guiding you into this amazing space of hypnotic mind fuckery.

So have I tempted you into an erotic hypnosis phone sex call with myself?

I think I have.

Just ask for Savannah.

Become Savannah’s Phone Sex Sissy Maid

Its Thanksgiving up in Canada this weekend and your favorite sensual domme was sitting here pondering what to blog about it. Then my mind started wandering to the idea do you dress up for Thanksgiving?

Is it something you get dolled up for or is it a more relaxed holiday knowing full well your belly will be full of yummy treats?

phone sex sissy

Now before you give me that inquisitive look of where the hell are you going with the blog Savannah?

Well actually my mind started wandering to phone sex sissy boys and thinking I bet they would be all dolled up for the dinner. But then my mind took a sharp turn at the last minute when I started thinking of the table of food.

Phone sex sissy maid!

A guy dressed up in a sexy french maids outfit ready to serve us all at this amazing sit down dinner. There is no buffet style of getting up to dish out your plates at the kitchen counter. Nope the statuesque man in a black dress with an abundance of crinoline fluffing the skirt out. Puff sleeves. Little white apron with 3 inch lace around the edges and of course tied around back with a crisp white bow. Black stockings that just seem to accentuate his long legs.

Now being a sissy maid he can walk ever so gracefully in those heels.

I mean you have to put in your dues in order to be able to serve the table. Least in my ideal phone sex sissy boy school of servitude. There will be no fumbling around the table especially with that gravy boat. Cant have you dropping anything on the guests.
If your a good sissy maid then you will get to enjoy.. Well that I havent quite figured out yet but there will have to be something special for you. I mean you did handle dinner service gracefully. Perhaps we should see how you handle yourself first before talking about the rewards of being my phone sex sissy maid.

Anyways that is where my mind is going on this Thanksgiving weekend.

To my fellow Canadians wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Sensual Domination Fantasies with Savannah

As much as I adore erotic hypnosis fantasies I thought I would chat about a different fantasy. What actually got me started in phone sex which was sensual domination. Rather a large heading that covers so many things and really if you ask someone what they what in the way of a sensual domination phone sex call your never gonna get the same answer twice.

Some love just having the lady take control and guide the call how she sees fit. Which is amazing and wonderful. I do love that. However, if we have never spoken before then my taking control is much like guiding us both to the doorway in a darkened room. So rather than having us both flailing for the right topic that will have your cock twitching I do ask you at least give me some helpful hints as to what your limits are as well as what gets you excited.

sensual domination phone sex

See what usually happens for myself anyways as your talking telling me what fantasies you like or fetishes my mind will twirl and arrive on some fantasy. Which I completely enjoy. I love the idea that what comes to mind is specific for you and no one else. Verse having some blanket fantasy I do with everyone in regards to sensual domination.

Ok so that was a bit of a tangent but hopefully a helpful one for both of us. For I do love ensuring you get the best when it comes to your phone sex fantasies. So if I can point out ways to help you get what you need which is the ultimate in orgasms then that will truly make me happy.

Mind you now that I went off on that tangent i cant really remember where I was going with this sensual domination phone sex blog. Such is life!

What I will close with is I have no limits when it comes to sensual domination and would love to explore your fantasies with you.

Just ask for Savannah when you call.

Sensual Domination Phone Sex Role Plays with Savannah

Wanna know how I started off my week? With a hot sensual domination phone sex role play. Now why do I bring this up? Well number one I was trying to think of something to blog and well this call came to mind. Also it was a bit different than my other calls in general.

Bet you wondering how?

Well he was someone who already had the fantasy in his mind and not just the highlights of what he was interested in but instead it was a script he had created in his mind. Was trying to think of what I could compare it too and probably the best way is like doing a line test of a screenplay. He would feed me the lines he wanted to hear. Now of course me being me simply couldnt just say the lines verbatim. No that would be too easy. I mean I did have to add in my Savannah flare!

sensual domination phone sex role play

What is my style well anyone who has done a sensual domination phone sex call know I definitely put the emphasis on sensual so it was a matter of taking his lines and putting my sultry spin on them.

Every so often he would stop to ask if he was entertaining me enough. I will say I did enjoy that part of the call. I know it wasnt a part of the fantasy but considering it was a sensual domination phone sex role play it did fit things rather well. And in true phone Mistress style I made sure to give him enough in my feed back so he could dig deeper in his story and impress me more.

I know with posting this blog he will probably feel his slutty little heart beam with happiness to know that he brought pleasure to his Mistress last night with his slutty submissive role play.

Look forward to other sensual domination phone sex adventures.

Just ask for Savannah when you call.

Kinky Fetish Phone Sex with Savannah

Its nothing but rainbow flags and happy pride signs through downtown. The celebration of pride month is upon us. I know not everyone can be open about their sexual secrets and we all have them. Perhaps that is what lures us to kinky fetish phone sex the ability to confess those taboo thoughts or what we consider taboo and for but a brief moment in time be free.

kinky fetish phone sex

Whatever your fantasy or your reason for calling be it to just have that friendly voice on the other end of the phone to confess about you sucking a cock. Or maybe you just enjoy the idea of thinking about sucking cock. Am I am more than happy to listen and guide your fantasy along.

It can be simple as a girlfriend type situation where we chat about the cocks we have sucked. The way we like to dress sexy for those hot dick or maybe you need that little push in your fantasy from a sensual domme.

Whatever it is I am more than happy to help out with your kinky fetish phone sex fantasy. Hell I am up for near anything from helping you pick out the perfect sissy slut outfit I want you to wear when on the phone with me while I pimp out that pretty ass. All the way to giving you some helpful cock sucking tips for your next wild bisexual encounter.

We can wave our inner freak flag while on a call together for there will be no limits to where the fun goes.

Just ask for Savannah when you call

Sensual Phone Sex Domme Savannah

As most of you know when engaging in a conversation with me I always stress when it comes to any form of domination fantasy that I am a sensual phone sex domme. I wont be the sort that will raise my voice or scream and yell. For that is the envisionment of hard core domination when I think of it anyways.

sensual phone sex domme

I tend to be the sultry voice coaxing and tempting you into things. Leaning to the more teasing aspects of domination like orgasm edging, cock control or dressing you up into pretty things.

However, putting that aside some I will point out that just cause I identify with being a sensual phone sex domme there is one thing that I do value above all else when playing with a submissive and that is manners.

My sultry sexy side tends to fade away some what and my harder edge becomes exposed when I am dealing with someone who forgets their P’s n Q’s. When you are calling me there are certain rules that I feel matter. Such as how you address me. I know every submissive does have their own favorite term or have been trained by someone else over the years which is fine. However, if you are a submissive you should use them. Acceptable terms in which to address me are Mistress, Goddess, Princess, Miss.

The next is the actual words please and thank you. I cant believe how many forget to actually say these things. Fully admit that I am Canadian and perhaps my upbringing enhances the use of such niceties. For it always makes me cringe to hear a submissive to ask for something and not follow it up with Please.

Just a heads up if you think your asking me for something even if its to repeat myself cause you didnt catch what I said due to you jerking your cock to hard. I WILL NOT repeat my words till I hear please. The proper statement is Please Mistress/Goddess could you repeat that I missed what you said.

Course when dishing out some edging abuse the response is Thank you Mistress for allowing me to stroke and edge for you.

Just typing that out brings a smile to my face and makes me near giddy.

If you wondering what brought this up its the fact I spent 30 minutes edging a slave and he forgot his P’s and Q’s which left him in a rather disappointing situation for I denied him his orgasm leaving him another week of suffering and well didnt even let him edge any more that day. I could of edged him more to suffer but that would of allowed him the joy of hearing my voice and well I was done reminding him to be polite.

Oh and subbie thats why your emails got ignored too. Lack of respect in those too. This sensual phone sex domme doesnt tolerate such things on the phone or in emails either.

Figured I would take his stupidity and let it be a lesson to others looking for some sensual domination and make your experience with me far more enjoyable than his.

Just ask for Savannah when you call.


Castration Erotic Hypnosis

Often times there are things in the news that will remind me of a caller or trigger the basis of a blog. However, never in all my life has an article hit my funny bone so hard due to its perfect timing. I should start at the beginning I have a gentleman (use that term rather loosely) who calls for erotic hypnosis sessions.

castration erotic hypnosis phone sex

We have done various sessions from cock shrinking to enforcing wearing panties to just desiring a pussy. What we cover is really no rhyme or reason but they all have the same basis of he shouldnt have that cock. Come to think of it we have even done some castration hypnosis.

Anyways we were doing a few calls this week that tied into castration. I will not go into the full details just cause I havent really blogged about him before I I hate to reveal the full topic without his approval, something I like to get from most my callers.

So up pops this story about the man who gets his balls stuck in an IKEA chair. Now admittedly I laughed my ass off first never did I think of my dear nutless caller. Not till he sent me the link. He didnt say anything. Just the link. Guessing wondering what my reaction would be.

“Guess your going to IKEA to buy a chair!”

Now granted my mind was swirling around our last 2-3 erotic hypnosis phone sex calls where we had been focusing on a version of castration so I rather forgot he needed to have balls in order to get them stuck in a chair.

Ooops my mistake. Course that little idea wouldnt be lost on anyone else who is up for some castration fantasy fun!

Now if your into some wild castration fantasy or cock shrinking fantasy then I would love to have you fall under my spell. Let me get my hands not only on your mind but your balls too!


Bathroom Fetish Hypnosis Phone Sex

So as most of you know who follow my blog hypnosis phone sex is my thing and I am rather open minded when it comes to what fetish I will cover with erotic hypnosis. Well today, actually being honest just hung up from our call, a guy hit me with a fetish I hadnt really covered in an hypnosis phone sex call before.

bathroom fetish hypnosis phone sex

YES! I know I was rather shocked too that I hadnt covered this fetish either but like I say if you guys are patient with me I am open to exploring any and well all fetishes through erotic hypnosis.

Your probably going enough already Savannah get to what this wonderful fetish was that you of all Hypno Goddess had yet to explore through hypno. Well it was a bathroom fetish and yes I have done them before in a short 10 minute session where there was no hypno involved but never explored through a trance or least on this level.

He wanted me to trigger him to piss his pants!

Who am I to avoid that type of call. In fact, I would be full on lying if I said I wasnt giddy over where this call would go. Cause never covering this particular watersport fantasy before I had no real idea where I would take things. Now me being me I admitted to the caller it was my very first bathroom fetish hypnosis call.

I didnt want to in anyway dazzle him with bullshit over how I was gonna rock his world with my deep understanding of his piss his pants fantasy. I did say I know hypnosis inside and out so that part of our call was gonna be a breeze how I was gonna incorporate the two was a bit of a mystery. Granted I knew how but it was how exactly. How I was gonna get the right level of humiliation that he got that rush he was looking for.

So thank you for being patience with me.

If you have a bathroom fetish and looking to explore it during a hypnosis phone sex trance then give me a call. Please remember that 30 minute minimum is recommended for an erotic hypnosis trance.

Just ask for Savannah


My piss his pants man sent me a very nice email with feedback and since he was looking for a place to post thought why not include it with this blog post.

“If this was truly your first call of this type, you stepped right in to my head and the fantasy with amazing skill.  It was the little details that made it fun.  For being put on the spot without the chance to prep for it, you hit all the rights notes.  The changing color to dark fabric, to the sensations, the emotions, the public experience and their reactions, you provided an amazing call for me.  Seriously and genuinely, thank you!!!

Since it was our first call, and I knew it was less than a typical topic, I had my concerns going in.  Having some experience with hypno files I figured it would take some repetition, or more than 1 call to get where we want.  I appreciated and respect your honesty going in to the call.  It was more sincere than I expected.  The call was courteous, sincere, insightful, amazingly hot and soaking wet.  It was everything I was hoping for and more.  I didn’t see a place to leave feedback.  If there is, I’d be happy to leave you one.”
Glad you enjoyed it and I had as much fun as you did!

Phone Sex Goddess’ Anniversary

Its nearing the end of February and that means creeping up on another celebration of my phone sex anniversary. Really need to start doing cake n candles and balloons, you know a full on celebration hahah.

phone sex

It still blows me away and its always upon the anniversary date that I think about it the most. I get to spend my time with you kinky guys and do this for a living. I use to sit behind a desk crunching numbers and putting out office mini fires and now I am enjoying sexy conversations and erotic fantasies. Sure you find me taking calls most days of the week but its only cause I love it so much. Perhaps I am the one with the  phone sex addiction? Haha!

So this is a big shout out to you guys for calling and letting me put you under and mess with your mind through erotic hypnosis, to tease your cocks till those balls are blue, making you slutty little bitches in hooker clothes and of course having you howl at the moon.

Been one amazing year. Definitely looking forward to another year of wild phone sex adventures.