Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Savannah

No matter what the weather I am someone who always goes for pedicures. Love being able to look down at my toes and seeing them painted some luxurious color. To rub my feet together and feel nothing but softness.

Granted I may look a little silly wearing my flip flops in a winter storm due to the fact my freshly pedicured feet are unable slip into other shoes cause heaven forbid I scuff the polish.

foot fetish

Why do I say this. Well for those with a foot fetish out there cause I know your probably not feeling the love since all those perfectly polished toes are tucked away into some winter attire. Well I am here to say that some of us ladies are teasing you just perhaps under some less than desirable foot wear.

If I could I would be wearing strappy sandals and flip flops all year long. I really do hold off wearing closed toe shoes and boots as long as possible. Think I made it till the first week of November this year. However, mother nature does have me slipping my feet into my Manitoba mukluks, Uggs and leather boots once again. Yes I do admit to wearing Uggs but hey I love the feel of that fur against my bare feet what can I say.

Perhaps those with a foot fetish will love knowing that my feet are bare in those boots and you can look past my choice of foot wear. Knowing my perfectly lacquered toes are wiggling in that soft furry enclosure of a boot. Tickling my soft soles.

Your getting the idea right?

Just imagine slipping that boot off and your face to face with the bottom of my foot that has been wrapped up in such wonderfulness? Be you can. Dont you want to just rub your face all over that smooth bottom of my foot. To feel my arch cup your cheek?

Well lets have some fun with that during a little foot fetish phone sex call. Oh and we can slip any sort of foot wear you wish on my feet. I just like to let you know what happens to be on my feet currently.

Just ask for Savannah when you call.



Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Savannah

The last few weeks its been more like summer than spring, which has me reaching into my closet for some of my favorite sandals. Nothing quite like wearing a sexy pair of sandals while walking the main street window shopping. Most the time I really am not on a mission for buying anything. Its more the fact of going out there and just teasing those with a foot fetish.

foot fetish phone sex tease

Nothing quite like standing looking at a window display. Men walking by assuming my focus is on what ever is going on in the window and I won’t notice them slowing their steps and as their eyes drop down to my sexy feet. What they don’t know is that I am standing there watching their reflections in the store window and twisting my feet at the right angle so they get a very good look of my soft sensual feet.

Go on say it! Savannah your horrible teasing those men with your feet like that. Well your right but those men with a foot fetish should really thank me. For most the times a girl who sees a guy stopping to stare at any part of her anatomy will turn around and call the poor guy a pervert.

However, I only look at it as more of an option to tease those men with my mouth watering arch. They should be thanking me for I will pull my foot out of my sandal and rub my foot up and down my calf. Maybe even flex my toes so that cock throbs a bit harder.

I can only imagine what images those men end up with while they stand there and watch me tease them with my feet.

Have you ever been teased like that?

How about you give me a call and we can indulge in our own foot fetish phone sex teasing fantasy. Just ask for Savannah!

Shoe Fetish Phone Sex with Savannah

shoe fetish phone sex

Its true most of you know me as the delightful red head that will lull you into an erotic mind fuck. As well as the sultry voiced girl who will tease you to the edge of an orgasm for a touch too long. Well really is there ever too long to be on the edge of an orgasm?

I think not!

But my other fondness in life is shoes!

Grand glorious shoes!

So if you have a shoe fetish then we are probably gonna get along just wonderfully as we explore any and all phone sex fantasies around well SHOES!

It can be just as simple as me describing my favorite pair of shoes that I have on my feet that week. That will have you begging to worship every inch of those delectable heels. All the way some erotic role play where you get to man handle my foot wear. Yes it does usually have you being a shoe sales man, who happens to sigh in utter delight when he opens a new box of shoes wrapped in tissue. Oh wait maybe thats just me who sighs with happiness over new boxes of shoes. Though if you have a true fetish for foot wear you would too.

Yes I know the shoe sales man fantasy is probably over done when it comes to a guy with a shoe fetish but really the idea of me sitting there with my perfectly pedicured foot in the air while you tend to putting new shoes on it. Well its so heavenly. For there are just so many shoes to try on and to touch and well fondle.

Sorry I almost got carried away with that thought.

If you are a man with a shoe fetish and looking for a woman to help him explore it with some fetish phone sex fun then give me a call. Will let you know I am completely in love with Ted Baker foot wear. So feminine. So sexy. So worship-able.

Just ask for Savannah.


Foot Fetish: Adore Savannahs Pedicure Feet

Anyone with a foot fetish would love to be under my feet right about now for my feet have just been pampered with a pedicure over the weekend. I have always thought just cause the summer is over and I am no longer wearing adorable sandals doesnt mean that I cant be still tending to my feet. For you never really know who will be looking at them.

foot fetish

I mean there are those times when I am shoe shopping and the guy slipping the shoes on my feet could be a man with a fetish for feet. Actually, I firmly believe that any man working in a womens shoe store does have a foot fetish. That or a shoe fetish but still why else would a man work there.

So for those wondering I painted my toes Bogota Blackberry from OPI. I love the lush, rich jewel tone of the ruby color on my toes. Makes my toes look sexy when they are peeking through some peep toe stilettos or when they rubbing along the foot seam of my stockings. Either way they will make a man who has a fondness for womens feet pay attention to my toes.

Suppose the more important question starts to come to mind such as what do you see yourself doing with my Bogota Blackberry painted toes? Shall you be licking them and sucking them. Or will you be begging to have these wonderful soft sexy feet wrap around your ragging hard cock? Yes decisions decisions.

You know how to reach me and let me know what you decide


Sensual Domination Phone Sex Top 7

So when it comes to fetish phone sex I have always said I a sensual domme. Now when someone calls me saying they are into sensual domination I want them to elaborate. For really it encompasses so many things and means something different to each person. With that in mind it only makes sense in keeping with my phone sex anniversary countdown blog post to define what sensual domination means to me.

Well for me its the softer side of bdsm, sensual domination is having you on the edge of sensual pleasure. Now I know those that are into the extreme side of bdsm are going to say that what they are into brings them to the edge of sensual pleasure and your right. But a Sensual Domme will allow you some times to cross over that edge.

As a sensual domme there is no screaming and yelling, its about that whisper in your ear that sends shivers down your spine and has your balls tightening. There is no blood shed course there is always the possibility of some reddening of the skin through some spankings, light flogging or long nails dragging over the skin.

So now that I have shared my view on sensual domination think its time to dive into the top 7 phone sex topics that I get requests for. On with the list.

Top 7 Sensual Domination Phone Sex Calls

7. Strapon Phone Sex. Be surprised at the amount of men who want to bend over for a woman with a nice thick plastic dick strapped to her hips. I am not complaining.

6. Ass Worshiping. This doesnt really need much of an explanation other than to say I have one sexy ass and I do love knowing that a man is underneath me being teased by my bottom.

5. Sissy Boys. Men do love to play in a womans closet course most the men who call have their own selection of girlie clothes to choose from.

4. Shoe Fetish. Well I do like my shoes and appreciate a man who has not just a shoe fetish but a foot one as well.

3. Cock Sucking Fantasy. Some need that little push that only a sensual domme can give.

2. Cum Eating Phone Sex. For some this might not be on their sensual domination list but taking control of a man pushing them into a situation they are uncomfortable about so ya I might of put this one on here.

sensual domination phone sex

1. Orgasm Denial Phone Sex. You had to know this would be near the top since its one of my favorite phone sex calls since it does involve tease and denial.

So that would be the top 7 list, is your fetish on there? If not perhaps its time to call and get it on there.

Wow a few seconds to spare on getting this one up in time. A busy day almost kept me from keeping with my 7 days of anniversary blogs.


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Seducing Lesbian Phone Sex

Well it was another adventure with Marky, this time our lesbian phone sex adventure took us too seducing another phone girl. One who wasnt expecting it. We opted for a phone girl with quite a bit of experience, Jennifer. I must admit the sexy blonde girl had caught my eye since she started we had chatted some but never engaged in a phone sex call. Which only made this lesbian phone sex fantasy the perfect one.

lesbian phone sex

I was to venture into Jennifer’s shoe store and look for something sexy. Marky left me to shop for he wasnt about to add anything opinion wise, my asking him would only to stroke his fading ego nothing more. I let her surprise me shoe wise other than to tell her I wanted something to dance in and make the men weak. Even though my fondness is for woman I do like to make men weak. I knew right away that I had to seduce her but it was more than that. For as I stood at the till I leaned over and started to touch her hand in such away. Just to rub it. Lulling her into a sweet trance with my touch and my voice. It wasnt long before she was locking up her store and coming off with Marky and I.

She was about to enter into her first lesbian phone sex encounter and I was about to convert another girl. The excitement was mounting for both of us in different ways. Me knowing I would be introducing a woman into the pure love only a woman can bring another woman. Jennifer’s excitement well it was evident from her hardening nipples and the flush coming across her face. She knew what was about to happen and was ever so eager.

That was only the beginning of my seduction.


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Fetish for Feet

Hello Lovers

Would make sense as I was looking at my feet and debating when I should book my next pedicure appointment that my phone ring and I get a guy with a fetish for feet. He asked me of course what I was doing. As I told him that I was just sitting on my couch with my feet stretched out in front of me and wiggling my toes debating the colour I should get with my next pedicure. For I was getting bored of the pink that was adoring my toes at the moment. Well course that had him gasping.

This was all before I knew he had a foot fetish. So when I asked him what he was up too he just sighed excitedly, I would love to be in front of you attending to your toes. Well that is one way to get my attention. I love men who know how to look after a woman’s feet.

He was opening his mouth and taking in each one of my delicate toes. Oh to feel his tongue flicking back and forth over it. He had done this a few times before.

As I sat back to enjoy my tongue foot bath it was then foot boy told me he would do anything to please me. Well really if anything was to break my moment of ah! and leave me with a sense of intrigue that was it. Anything?

foot fetish


Well before I could even say what I would want from him his hard on had him blurting out I want to suck a cock for you. Well that does have me interested. For I do love watching a man suck another mans cock.  Course knowing he was a foot boy I couldnt having him JUST sucking a cock for me. I had to up it to the point where foot boys cock was throbbing and aching.

So sure baby suck a cock for me but I have a very special surprise for you. That cock is going to have my feet wrapped around it too. Oh yes just try and focus now!

Well he couldnt of course. For the thought of my feet sliding up and down a cock he was sucking was just too much and foot boy was squirting.


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Erotic Foot Tease

Hello Phone Sex Lovers. Well this sensual phone sex tease has been quite busy. Doing a bit of spring cleaning of the closet putting away the winter clothes and finding my favorite cock hardening outfits. As I clean out my closet, I am sorting through my shoe collection and it has me thinking of a certain ex boyfriend. He had a fondness for my feet.

Actually it was more than a fondness it was a fetish for feet.

His fetish was a pleasure for both of us for my feet were never more pampered as they were with him. From making sure I never longed for pedicures or shoes. Most my friends were so envious of the fact I had a man that paid such close attention to my nail polish and what shoes were on my feet. Pretty sure he knew what I had in the way of shoes than I did.

There was one day that I remember he had surprised me with a pedicure. I had woke up and he left a note on the kitchen table saying my toes needed a change of polish. He had booked an appointment for me to go for a pedi.

All day I knew he would be thinking about what color my toes would be painted. He had a fondness for red toes. Especially when those red painted nails peeked out from and open toe pump.

foot fetish

The other thing that really excited him was the lotion that was used on my feet. For he had sat there beside me on many pedicures and found them to be rather erotic. Especially when the girl began the foot massage. How her fingers would slide up between my toes. I knew he always envisioned his cock slipping up between my toes. Could just tell by the way he squirmed in his chair.

Often wonder if he would look at his watch and squirm in his office chair as he thought about what was happening to my feet?

How much of a cock tease was it knowing his girlfriend was getting a pedicure. Suppose that is a question I could ask fellow foot fetish lovers out there. What sort of things do you envision doing to those feet?


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Foot Fetish

Actually I should be addressing this to foot fetish lovers for this shall be an interesting post for those that adore hearing about woman’s feet. If you are reading this in afternoon, your phone sex goddess is having a pamper day. My feet will be well tended to with a pedicure not to mention a very relaxing massage. I wont be alone though, I shall be with one of my dear girlfriends. I know some of you will be wondering if you will be the topic of discussion? Quite possibly. My friend does know I do phone sex and we have talked about some of my special callers before. So who knows what shall be discussed today. I am definitely looking forward to a wonderful day of pampering with a dear friend.

foot fetish

I will be available for calls most likely after 7pm PST.


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Boot Fetish Phone Sex

Friday night, found myself at the local bar listening to one of my favorite bar bands. It is one of those things when they are in the area I do my best to go. Now unfortunately the guy who asked me out for Friday got more than he bargained for. Since I knew exactly where I wanted to go for our date. To the bar so I could dance the night away.

So Friday I spent the day shopping for something sexy to wear. Had to find those right dancing shoes. Ones that would show off my sexy painted toes perfectly. I happen to know that my date has a bit of a shoe and foot fetish so knowing that well is rather dangerous for him really.

boot fetish phone sex

When I went shoe shopping and found a pair of boots that even had the shoe boy drooling I knew that my night was going to be one filled with pure shoe teasing. these ones perhaps were a bit over the top but really when you have a boot fetish can a pair of shoe be too over the top? Not really.  Below the knee leather boot with a 3.5 inch heel. That gave a teasing glimpse of my calf with peekaboo cut outs. Trust me they are too die for. When seeing a man with a shoe fetish its all about finding the perfect shoe then finding the outfit to go with it.

As for my night out. Well when I wasnt on the dance floor I was sitting at the table making sure those boots were well visible. As for my date he had a hard time getting up and dancing. His eyes were rather fixated on my boots all night long.

Now have to wonder who else out there has a bit of a shoe fetish? Perhaps you would like a very detailed description of my new leather boots. Then again there is something to be said for mixing a boot fetish with some hypnosis.


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