Erotic Foot Tease

Hello Phone Sex Lovers. Well this sensual phone sex tease has been quite busy. Doing a bit of spring cleaning of the closet putting away the winter clothes and finding my favorite cock hardening outfits. As I clean out my closet, I am sorting through my shoe collection and it has me thinking of a certain ex boyfriend. He had a fondness for my feet.

Actually it was more than a fondness it was a fetish for feet.

His fetish was a pleasure for both of us for my feet were never more pampered as they were with him. From making sure I never longed for pedicures or shoes. Most my friends were so envious of the fact I had a man that paid such close attention to my nail polish and what shoes were on my feet. Pretty sure he knew what I had in the way of shoes than I did.

There was one day that I remember he had surprised me with a pedicure. I had woke up and he left a note on the kitchen table saying my toes needed a change of polish. He had booked an appointment for me to go for a pedi.

All day I knew he would be thinking about what color my toes would be painted. He had a fondness for red toes. Especially when those red painted nails peeked out from and open toe pump.

foot fetish

The other thing that really excited him was the lotion that was used on my feet. For he had sat there beside me on many pedicures and found them to be rather erotic. Especially when the girl began the foot massage. How her fingers would slide up between my toes. I knew he always envisioned his cock slipping up between my toes. Could just tell by the way he squirmed in his chair.

Often wonder if he would look at his watch and squirm in his office chair as he thought about what was happening to my feet?

How much of a cock tease was it knowing his girlfriend was getting a pedicure. Suppose that is a question I could ask fellow foot fetish lovers out there. What sort of things do you envision doing to those feet?


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