Foot Fetish: Adore Savannahs Pedicure Feet

Anyone with a foot fetish would love to be under my feet right about now for my feet have just been pampered with a pedicure over the weekend. I have always thought just cause the summer is over and I am no longer wearing adorable sandals doesnt mean that I cant be still tending to my feet. For you never really know who will be looking at them.

foot fetish

I mean there are those times when I am shoe shopping and the guy slipping the shoes on my feet could be a man with a fetish for feet. Actually, I firmly believe that any man working in a womens shoe store does have a foot fetish. That or a shoe fetish but still why else would a man work there.

So for those wondering I painted my toes Bogota Blackberry from OPI. I love the lush, rich jewel tone of the ruby color on my toes. Makes my toes look sexy when they are peeking through some peep toe stilettos or when they rubbing along the foot seam of my stockings. Either way they will make a man who has a fondness for womens feet pay attention to my toes.

Suppose the more important question starts to come to mind such as what do you see yourself doing with my Bogota Blackberry painted toes? Shall you be licking them and sucking them. Or will you be begging to have these wonderful soft sexy feet wrap around your ragging hard cock? Yes decisions decisions.

You know how to reach me and let me know what you decide