Fetish for Feet

Hello Lovers

Would make sense as I was looking at my feet and debating when I should book my next pedicure appointment that my phone ring and I get a guy with a fetish for feet. He asked me of course what I was doing. As I told him that I was just sitting on my couch with my feet stretched out in front of me and wiggling my toes debating the colour I should get with my next pedicure. For I was getting bored of the pink that was adoring my toes at the moment. Well course that had him gasping.

This was all before I knew he had a foot fetish. So when I asked him what he was up too he just sighed excitedly, I would love to be in front of you attending to your toes. Well that is one way to get my attention. I love men who know how to look after a woman’s feet.

He was opening his mouth and taking in each one of my delicate toes. Oh to feel his tongue flicking back and forth over it. He had done this a few times before.

As I sat back to enjoy my tongue foot bath it was then foot boy told me he would do anything to please me. Well really if anything was to break my moment of ah! and leave me with a sense of intrigue that was it. Anything?

foot fetish


Well before I could even say what I would want from him his hard on had him blurting out I want to suck a cock for you. Well that does have me interested. For I do love watching a man suck another mans cock.  Course knowing he was a foot boy I couldnt having him JUST sucking a cock for me. I had to up it to the point where foot boys cock was throbbing and aching.

So sure baby suck a cock for me but I have a very special surprise for you. That cock is going to have my feet wrapped around it too. Oh yes just try and focus now!

Well he couldnt of course. For the thought of my feet sliding up and down a cock he was sucking was just too much and foot boy was squirting.


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