Boot Fetish Phone Sex

Friday night, found myself at the local bar listening to one of my favorite bar bands. It is one of those things when they are in the area I do my best to go. Now unfortunately the guy who asked me out for Friday got more than he bargained for. Since I knew exactly where I wanted to go for our date. To the bar so I could dance the night away.

So Friday I spent the day shopping for something sexy to wear. Had to find those right dancing shoes. Ones that would show off my sexy painted toes perfectly. I happen to know that my date has a bit of a shoe and foot fetish so knowing that well is rather dangerous for him really.

boot fetish phone sex

When I went shoe shopping and found a pair of boots that even had the shoe boy drooling I knew that my night was going to be one filled with pure shoe teasing. these ones perhaps were a bit over the top but really when you have a boot fetish can a pair of shoe be too over the top? Not really.Ā  Below the knee leather boot with a 3.5 inch heel. That gave a teasing glimpse of my calf with peekaboo cut outs. Trust me they are too die for. When seeing a man with a shoe fetish its all about finding the perfect shoe then finding the outfit to go with it.

As for my night out. Well when I wasnt on the dance floor I was sitting at the table making sure those boots were well visible. As for my date he had a hard time getting up and dancing. His eyes were rather fixated on my boots all night long.

Now have to wonder who else out there has a bit of a shoe fetish? Perhaps you would like a very detailed description of my new leather boots. Then again there is something to be said for mixing a boot fetish with some hypnosis.


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