Sensual Domination Fantasies with Savannah

As much as I adore erotic hypnosis fantasies I thought I would chat about a different fantasy. What actually got me started in phone sex which was sensual domination. Rather a large heading that covers so many things and really if you ask someone what they what in the way of a sensual domination phone sex call your never gonna get the same answer twice.

Some love just having the lady take control and guide the call how she sees fit. Which is amazing and wonderful. I do love that. However, if we have never spoken before then my taking control is much like guiding us both to the doorway in a darkened room. So rather than having us both flailing for the right topic that will have your cock twitching I do ask you at least give me some helpful hints as to what your limits are as well as what gets you excited.

sensual domination phone sex

See what usually happens for myself anyways as your talking telling me what fantasies you like or fetishes my mind will twirl and arrive on some fantasy. Which I completely enjoy. I love the idea that what comes to mind is specific for you and no one else. Verse having some blanket fantasy I do with everyone in regards to sensual domination.

Ok so that was a bit of a tangent but hopefully a helpful one for both of us. For I do love ensuring you get the best when it comes to your phone sex fantasies. So if I can point out ways to help you get what you need which is the ultimate in orgasms then that will truly make me happy.

Mind you now that I went off on that tangent i cant really remember where I was going with this sensual domination phone sex blog. Such is life!

What I will close with is I have no limits when it comes to sensual domination and would love to explore your fantasies with you.

Just ask for Savannah when you call.