Erotic Hypnosis Experience with Goddess Savannah

Got told the other night my voice was perfectly suited for erotic hypnosis phone sex calls. I thanked them for the compliment and smiled for I knew all to well the power my voice has over a man’s mind. That ability I have to draw a man into my sensual mind games. Some times I dont even realize that I am doing it myself if I am being honest. For that light hypnotic dance. Sensual lull is just so natural. I know how to pick my words so they will danced along my tongue and create a sweet relaxing sensation within your ears.

erotic hypnosis

The tone of my laugh will even entrance you and draw you down into my hypnotic space.

For an erotic hypnosis phone sex call with me is an experience of all the senses. That sense of body where you those goose bumps happen when you hear me say a certain word. That word that will bring a sense of excitement over your body. That shiver of sensual delight

Definitely your mind for my voice is dancing between your ears and lulling you into that soft sensual space where you dont care what is being said just as long as its my voice that is wafting between your ears.

Your soul. That deep sense of satisfaction after you have been taking up and down that delightful staircase of relaxation. Your body is feeling exhausted yet your mind is feeling exhilarated from the erotic fantasy you just experienced being under. You crave more but at the same time you just want to lay there in the blissful moment and let it sink in.

That is an erotic hypnosis phone sex call with myself. As I have said a few times it wont matter to me what we talk about for the fetish and the fantasy is the icing on this wonderful experience. I am just delighted in guiding you into this amazing space of hypnotic mind fuckery.

So have I tempted you into an erotic hypnosis phone sex call with myself?

I think I have.

Just ask for Savannah.