Good Choice.

Getting to know me!

Most just dive in before testing the water.

How will you know if I am the one you truly desire?

For to know me IS to desire Me.

So let the introduction begin.

I am a 24 year old hot Canadian Virgo. And Please stop yourself now. I have heard all the Eh! jokes one can possibly handle. Since it is obvious that wit totally escapes your sorry ass, don’t think that anything you have to say is clever or cute. If anything I will quickly dismiss you and that will be a terrible waste for you. Cause you will miss out on the sweetest thing on the phone lines. ME! That s right!…….ME!

More on Me! I live in the best place on earth. British Columbia. Why is it the best place on earth? Well you nimrod because I am here. If I lived somewhere else, that would be the best place on earth. Not rocket science is it? You mental midget!

I work during the day as a receptionist but generally find myself calling in sick. *cough* *cough* a lot so that I can stay home and get off on the phone with all those who wish to be granted the privilege of hearing my voice. But don’t worry. I make it in to work every so often so that I can still maintain my perks.executive boardroom perks.

I have a tendency to be a tease. I love flaunting my ‘ASS’ets every chance I get. Short skirts and dresses. I know men are unable to resist my legs and my sweet, sweet Ass. So why even bother trying. Especially when I go out dancing. We have the best clubs around with live bands. That is where you will find me. And yes even some times I am up on stage shaking my booty. Dont you wish you were there watching me?

And probably the biggest question on your mind Why Phone Sex? I stumbled upon phone sex I wish by accident but not really. I am one of those girls that will use my voice to get what I want. When I would call to book an appointment for my boss I would get it, “Sorry, Not possible we are over booked!” However, if it was a guy on the other end of the line! I would simply slip into my seductive style and I would get an appointment ASAP. I just knew the minute I got off the phone those guys would be running to the bathroom and be stroking their meat. Thinking of my voice. Hmmm wonder how fast they got their hand stroking? LOL. I would of loved to of been there with a radar gun and clocked that hand moving. Oh come on confess. Like you haven’t done it before. So then I decided to do phone sex so that I could join in on the stroking fun rather than just wonder what you do once you are off the phone with Me. Not to mention I just love talking about kinks and fetishes. But then I am just that type of girl.

The Numbers you should remember for me:

September 1 Birthday

5’5 Height without heels

115 lbs

32 B – 24 – 34 Measurements

Size 4 for Dresses

Size 9.5 for Shoes

1*888*904*9766 That is the number that gets you to me.

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