I decided to have some fun on a lazy Sunday.

I went out for lunch date with a guy that has been tryin to get a date with me forever. We went to a cool little pub that makes the best Spinach salad. Yummmy! The pub is designed after an English pub. It is so cool. So we hung out there and chatted for a bit.

Then checked into what was playin at the movies theater.  I have been soooo wanting to see Wild Hogs the movie clips looked so funny. We laughed our asses off. I know it has been out for like a month or so but hey I have been a busy phone sex vixen. But I made the movie more interesting for him. Cause I am a total tease. Nothing quite like sitting there in the dark having Me rub my hand up and down getting him all hard during the movie. I think he will be wanting to take me out to another movie and I just know how to tease him at the next one too.

But you will have to wait for that one. *grin*