Guided Masturbation by Savannah

I so enjoy doing guided masturbation phone sex (some people call it directed masturbation) something about it. Not sure quite what it is. Hmmmm! Right.Telling you what to do. Thats why I enjoy it so much. I take control of your cock. Cant get better than that! Oh But it does. How about I make it so that you have to beg to cum. A hint of orgasm denial. LOL. Something about the sound of a man begging to cum.

guided masturbation phone sex

I love the sound.

Please Ms Savannah. Let me Cum????

The desire in your voice is so intense.

And I control it.

I control it all.

How you stroke .

The way you stroke.

When you cum.

But dont forget this is done MY way so you never know what to expect. For I could bring in so many other kinks and fetishes into the phone sex session too.

Oh now I have you wondering dont I?