Today was such a nice day that I decided to head out for a bit and do some errands. Just the usual sort. Grabbing some groceries. But it never seems to amaze me the amount of hot guys that live in my area. Ohhh. I so love living on the west coast. All of them just could not keep their eyes off of me. Mind you I didn’t help them much when I am wearing my short blue skirt and have to bend over for things in the deli aisle. Ooops what is a girl to do. LOL.

Well wish me luck. Your Goddess is about to attempt to make a new dish tonight. I saw it on tv today and it looked so good. I know I shouldn’t watch the food channel but I just cant help it at times. Spinach and Cheese stuffed pasta. May the Goddess of Cooking be with your Goddess of Kink. Pray for me!

I also saw some very pretty Gerber flowers while I was out so I just had to get them to brighten up my day. Pink ones so ultra- fem. All you sissy boys go out and buy some flowers. It will make you feel so girly. And if you have a significant other she will feel special cause u can tell her they are for her. But only you and I will know the truth. Sissy boy they are for you. *wink*