Sun, Sand, and SEX!

Ah! What can I say. But the Beach was absolutely wonderful. Hmmmm! It was too cold for bikini’s on the beach but that was okay. Nothing like sitting by a crackling fire with a nice glass of wine in the main lodge. All those very cute and sexy servers. They all noticed my short skirts and legs. Of course how could you not when I kept crossing them again and again when they would come over to make sure my girlfriends and I were all right.

I know the power I have over men. It is pointless to try and think you are immune to it. I little smile, a little twist of my hair, and the crossing of my legs and you are instantly mine. You feel yourself pulled into my powerful being. It is this special aura that I have. That had all the men drooling at my feet. And what sexy feet they are to have you a mindless fool at!

Hmmmm Having you on your knees like the mindless fool you are worshiping my gorgeous feet. Begging to suck them. My long toes in your mouth. Your lips wrapped around them. The joys a foot fetish brings me. Clean the sand from my feet.