Wild Neighbours Moaning Leads to Cuckold Fantasy

cuckold fantasy

Okay here is one wicked thing about summer. Well maybe one of many. I was laying in bed reading some kinky magazines, when I start to hear some moaning. And not just any moaning but some freaking hot and heavy pussy pounding, mind, blowing sex moaning. It was comin from the condo above mine. How wicked I was getting to be a peeping tom of sorts. He must have been licking her for I wasnt hearing the bed shake yet. But listening to that woman moan with ecstasy was amazing. I felt like I was about to come and I wasnt doing anything yet.

Although I got to thinking that all you perverts have twisted my innocent little mind (who am I kidding) for I started fantasying that the woman moaning up stairs had just come home from fucking her big black lover. Her hubbie was anxiously awaiting her arrival home so that he could get his after sex rendezvous rewards. A sloppy cream pie filled pussy. A little cuckolds chocolate dessert.

Between those wicked thoughts and her moaning ~ my toys were well used last night.