Small Dick Humiliation With a Tease and Denial Goddess

Well last night I went out on a date. Seemed like an odd night to go out but I had plans through the weekend and this one my one night free for the man. S is how I will refer to him. Now he has been perusing me for a number of months. But for some reason I have not ventured out with S. I dont know why but I have always politely declined his dates. Saying I have some other engagement that I simple can not get out of. For the life of me I dont know why I would turn down a successful doctor. He lives in a wonderful area of Vancouver. Drives a very nice BMW. Dresses well. All the things a girl could want. He is older but then I dont mind older men. So I finally agreed.

small dick humiliation
I decided to wear my wonderful black dress that shows of my body just so nice. Short enough to show off my ASSet. S picked me up with a dozen red, red roses. Ahh how nice. We took a wonderful drive along the beach. Before getting to this nice little restaurant over looking the ocean. We chat about travel, jobs, and life in general. All seemed to go very well. I could see him being the type to spoil the woman in his life. Which I definitely liked! For I loved being spoiled.
S. drove me home after a wonderful dinner. Well it was obvious he wanted his dinner to get him somewhere. I thought why not! The feel of that wonderful leather of the seat against my bare legs was affecting me. ~Leather does that!~ So up we went to my condo. After some serious kissing in the elevator. I now realize why my instincts told me to stay away from S.
He was a proud member of the Itty Bitty Shrimp Dick Group. I died laughing when he dropped his pants and there it was. Well what I thought I saw was a 3 inch little shrimp. Attempting to poke out from behind his shirt. I simple told him there was no way he was going to Fuck Me With that Little ~ What the Hell Do you Call that Thing?
I know you are just eager to hear about the rest of my date.
Well that requires you to phone Me now doesnt it!
Hear all about what I did to dear S.