Humiliating the Dickless Wonder Cuckold

Well the Dickless wonder took Me out yet again. S is that Dr that took me out ohhh about a month ago. Well I have been stringing him along like a little puppet. A fun little toy to play with. For he calls and I simply tell him I am way too busy. That I cant get away!I could hear the sigh of disappointment on his end of the phone ~ it takes everything in Me not to laugh. I would cover the phone and snicker. But S maybe next week. Thursday doesnt look to bad. I would get a youthful boy going Oh really??? LOL.
Well last night with the crazy weather I didnt feel like cooking so I called S up for a dinner date. I knew he would come in useful. Getting a ride in that nice little car.
Off to dinner we went. I of course wore one of my cock teasing dresses a little blue summer dress. Just cause he doesnt have a cock doesnt mean I cant tease him like does.
I think he was hard through dinner but it is so hard to tell when the dear doc only has a 3 inch Wonder ~ Wonder where it is?? S wanted to finish dinner quick, where as I took My time enjoying ever sinful mouthful of food. I knew there was nothing to run home too. And I do mean NOTHING. Not like this date was ending with any bed romping action.
Once dinner was finished we went to My condo and I did invite him up. LOL! I think he wishes he kept on going home for he would of got way more satisfaction at home than he did at My place. I told him that his pathetic little wanna be cock was getting no where near ME so he could keep dreaming. I was going to pleasure Myself and he was to sit and watch.
Dr S got to watch My fingers run all over My sweet delicious pussy. An what could he do about it ~~~~ NOTHING~~~~
I love humiliating the dickless and teasing them with what they know they cant have ME.


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  1. Oh Savannah. Tie me up. Beat me. Make me lick your feet and suck your toes. I will suck cock for you. Let your real men cum in my mouth and in my face. Then you can straddle my face and piss all over it. How sweet it is!

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