Erotic Neck Biting of the Vampire Kink

I had the most delicious call last nite. The type of call just made for late nite play. J had just finished watching Underworld, which just so happens to be one of my fav movies. It appears J got highly aroused from watching Underworld. Now if any of you have scene it, then you know exactly the character I am talking about Selene. Damn the fucking latex wearing vampire. That out fit just clings to every inch of that wicked body. So I can completely understand how J was all worked up. Then you throw in the sensuality of the vampire bite right on your neck.
So Js little phone sex fantasy was to role play a little sensual vampirism. Of course when he said that I instantly got wet.
The thought of my long blood red nails clawing their way up his back as he kissed me.
As I become aroused.
My fangs began to develop.
The moonlight glistening off my fangs.
Well thats all you get for its Js kinky phone sex role play.
I know thats being a bit of a tease.
But do you really expect anything less from me?
I didnt think so.

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