Glory Holes for Sissy Boys

Did you find yourself venturing in to the sex shop downtown today? Now did you say to your self it was only to check out to see if all the rumor were true? That in the back they play xxx movies where you can watch in little booths so that you can jack off in private. Well some what privacy. If you count the fact that everyone can hear you moaning and groaning. But the real reason you were there was to find out if the urban myth of the glory hole really existed at Your sex shop! It does. You couldnt help but find yourself more aroused by the hole and the possibilities it stood for. Would someone come in? Would they put their hard, throbbing cock in it? What would you do? Now its time to confess your glory hole experience to your Seductive Mistress Savannah. Were you the best cock sucking slut sissy boy or do you need more training?

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