Stocking Fetish

I had some interesting calls with a guy from the east coast. Those secret phone calls in the middle of the nite, when he is able to sneak away. I was going to say I couldn’t remember when the infatuation started but then just as I wrote that line it all came back to me. It was a nite when he was away on business. Lonely in a hotel and looking for something different. Something to break the monotony. That is when he stumbled up on me. That sexy voice drawing him in. We talked about what sorts of kinky things he was attracted to. Stockings. Pure and simple. A man who knew what he liked, have to love that. A stocking fetish fantasy heavily woven in our sexy fantasy.

stocking fetish

Then when he got home my voice was constantly replaying over and over in his mind. He had to hear it one more time.  That is how our early morning phone sex calls started. Him craving those sexy stockings on my long legs. My sensual voice twisting through his mind. D isnt quite sure how it all started but he knows that he is unable to fight that feeling he has for this sexual phone vixen. Why fight it really just give in. Stockings and all. Those fantasies you think of while you lay in bed waiting for the right moment to call. Adorable.

D thank you for the sensual and erotic phone conversations. Thoroughly enjoyed exploring your stocking fantasies in and out of hypnosis.


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