Sensual Phone Vixen

Well I am back from my little beach side holiday. Have to say that it was completely wonderful to just kick back and relax, just as a holiday should. Pretty much the only worry was did we have enough alcohol to last us the night! I have been home for a few days but been trying to catch up on everything. Emails, sexy phone conversations etc. So here I am finally getting to a blog.


I have to say the island was great but I truly felt the city girl in me screaming for the certain things I so take for granted. And it will be very simple things, like knowing the grocery store will be open till midnight. Where my friends and I went, the city shut down at oh 9 pm. The only thing open was the coffee place which said 24 hrs but they really meant the drive thru was. So that meant more time for us to sit on the beach, listening to the waves crash and drinking away.

The adventure started with us waiting at the ferry for 2 sailing waits which meant something like 3 hours. So went off to check my friend, Ethan and what all he had packed up. Well check his car and he had 1 back pack and 4 coolers full of booze he could of opened a liquor store right there at the ferry dock. So those of us who were not driving. Yours truly being one of them got ahead start on the festivities at the ferry. Which really continued on to the ferry. I was in fine form when we hit the cabin. You can only imagine how the rest of the trip was spent. Peach ciders were my new best friend. They go down so easy in the warm weather.

The few days it rained my girlfriend and I hit the spa. Yes the town actually had one. It was to die for. We got manicures and pedicures as we sat and over looked the ocean. I can honestly say there has never been anything more relaxing in my life. I will go back just for that alone. The salt water smell there is no candle that can come close to the real thing. Heaven. The girl did a great job on my hands and feet. I would love to go back and book a full day there. They have rooms off to the side where you get massages or facials and will have the french doors open so that the ocean breeze comes in. Well you get the picture. Absolutely sinful.

I came back to quite a few emails and IM’s from guys missing my sexy voice. For I ended up being gone I think an extra day with the way traveling ended up being. So those guys were very happy to know that I was back and ready to work my sensual tease over their bodies. What was I called the other day a minx! You say minx. I say vixen. Either way teasing and toying with your body is what I enjoy the most.

I am looking forward to a wonderful week of sensual phone sex and catching up with those special men of mine. You guys know who you are. I most definitely missed you more than I thought I would. Those special touches and teases that bring you bliss.


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