Tease and Denial Fantasy

Well tonight I was watching the opening to the Vancouver Olympics. Ya I know why wasnt I at the stadium? Have to say the thought never occurred to me really. I wasnt really all hyped up for the Olympics to be honest, I was more shake my head at what all was happening around. But this last week all of a sudden the spirit hit me and its WOW the Olympics are in my backyard ~ Amazing! So I shall be off to get my mighty red mittens and who knows what other Olympic memorabilia I shall toss on to watch the games. Of course there is something to be said for wearing nothing but a sexy bra and panties with those red mittens cheering on my team.

Just a bit of a tease! That’s just one of my enduring qualities as some of you know. Teasing those hard cocks to the edge over and over again. Denying you the pleasure you crave over and over again. How I do love those tease and denial fantasies. Care to make my night with some cock teasing?


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