Cum Eating Fantasy

Hello Phone Sex Lovers

I want to eat my cum for you!

Interesting thing for any girl to read really but then again when it might not surprise a few of you that it was flashing back at me on my laptop screen. Seems my cum eater had all the desire to eat his cum but lacked the motivation to actually slurp up that beautiful glistening gob of spunk.

Seems hard to believe but there are quite a few out there that get so aroused and turned on by the idea of eating their cum load but when actually faced with it need that little extra bit of nudge even some force to get them licking those sticky fingers.

Course I rarely have guys saying they can’t do anything for me.

So the challenge of making him eat that load of jizz seemed like not a problem. Made others do it. He will to. My little cum craver thought that if I acted really turned on that would help his desire to eat his cum.

Hmmm! There is a thought.

But what if I told you it actually did excite me to know men were out there slurping up gobs of sperm for me. Off their fingers. Off their stomachs. Heck even off the bathroom floors. All of it rather gets me.

cum eating  phone sex

So the moment my dear cum eater phoned me he really didnt stand a chance. The only thing we didnt know was when he would be eating that load. How long he would be teased with the fact he would be eating his cum load for me.

Well I know how long my cum eatingĀ  caller lasted.

But the better question is how long will you last during such a cum eating fantasy? Knowing I am touching myself and pleasuring myself at the thought of you licking up that sticky ball load!


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