Canadian Phone Vixen Back

Hello Phone Sex Lovers

I am back from my holidays. Lucky for me I got home before the winter storms hit the west coast. Was literally pulling into the driveway as the snow started to accumulate. How was that for timing?

For those that dont know it has become a bit of a annual thing now with my friend to toss our stuff in the car and hit the road and see where we end up. We know where we will end up some wonderful hotel over looking the Pacific Ocean but the where is going to be the fun part.

I am happy to be back and have missed those extreme fetish phone sex calls. I could tell I was ready to get back to the phones when someone would make a comment and my mind was instantly taking it to something sexual even when it wasnt a sexual comment.  A girl can only bite her tongue so long and my random giggles were making my friend wonder what I was thinking.

So the past few weeks I have been catching up with those that have missed their weekly and even daily phone sex dose of my hypnotic voice as well as attempting to catch up on my phone sex blogs. But you guys are keeping me busy so the blogs will be coming between the calls.

You can catch me on till 3 am PST.


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