Panty Boy Assignment

Hello Phone Sex Lovers! Guess some panty boys were out shopping the last few days for I have had a number of panty boys calling to tell me about their panty shopping trips. For one it was his first time stepping into a lingerie store for an actual purchase. Yes he has walked into a sexy lingerie store before and looked at the panties and even bought something for his girlfriend but this was the first time he had went in with a panty boy assignment. His assignment to buy a new pair of panties off the rack. No online ordering. No stealing someones panties in the laundromat. It was a pair he picked out and walked up to the register and told the sales girl that was all he needed.

panty boy phone sex

This panty boy was far too excited for even during his cheap phone sex call he was planning on his next trip. Course he was planning on hitting a different store for he didnt want the girls at the other store to get to know him.

Was a very exciting panty boy phone sex call.


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