Canadian Phone Vixen’s Top 7 Travel Wishes

Thought take a break from the fetish phone sex top 7’s and do a different change of pace. I know a few have asked for some blogs on a bit more personal level beyond the phone sex aspect. So this is one of those blogs. Still keeping with the 7’s theme of course. I have a thing for numbers. This blog will be devoted to places of travel I would love to go to or return to. There is one thing my parents have given me and that is the love of travel. They are constantly traveling and when I was younger it was something they did with me. Only wish they did some of their more exotic traveling when I lived at home and didnt wait till I was out of the house. Oh well.

Top 7 Travel Location Wish List.

7. Caribbean. I have never been to any of the islands over there. So I would be happy attending any of them. I would probably love to do a Caribbean cruise so that I could hit most the islands and get a feel for an area that I like the most. Yes even after all negative press about cruising, probably wouldnt venture on Carnival anytime soon though.

6. Savannah, Georgia. Got to say a friend is down there right now and I am getting pictures of her adventure and I am in love. The streets with the trees that not only line them but arch over them. Ahhh! The architecture of the old houses with the black wrought iron gates. I would probably spent the whole time with my face behind my camera.

5. Vancouver Island. Its a local spot and there are just so many great towns to explore over there. Friend has a cabin nestled away there and I will never turn down the opportunity to stay there. The ferry ride is a great way to start the unwinding away from the hustle of the city.

4. Oregon Coast. I have been there the last few years and I just love driving along the coast watching the surf crash along the rocky shores. To be able to run out on the miles of sandy beaches. The sea side cities are so quiet and quaint the perfect little get away.

3. Italy. Any where! I went there on a school trip and fell absolutely in love with Florence, I know I only got a snap shot of the city on our brief stay but it was enough. I long to return!

2. New Orleans. Growing up I read quite a bit of Anne Rice novels and must admit reading about the French Quarter and the Garden District. I was instantly drawn to it. Would love to find some side walk cafe and just watch the people. Course the vampires and voodoo culture does have quite the draw for me as well.

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1. Bora Bora: Sure everyone has seen the luxury resort of the huts over the water at Bora Bora. Just thinking about it and I am like why cant I just climb through my monitor to that location. Not sure what it is about that spot other than just falling asleep to the water and waking up to the sea air. SOLD!

So ya you can see your fetish phone sex vixen loves to be around the ocean. Since near every location is near the water. If I could have a house on the beach I would be in heaven. Till then just have to settle for vacationing to beach locations.

That is my list. Are any of your favorites on there? Or maybe there are a few that I should be adding.

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