Nylon Fetish: Silky Leg Tease

Now wouldnt it be nice to have a woman who understands that wearing nylons isnt silly. That you have a deep fascination that even you dont understand. Sure when you see woman wearing those delicate stockings you become weak. Your mind wanders to that secret little stash you have tucked away in the closet.

Not every woman will understand that need. I will however. I will understand not only your fetish but how to tease you with your nylon fetish. Oh now I have your attention dont I. Have you sitting up straight in your chair. Going does she really?

I do.

I know the words to whisper in your ear that will have you running to your secret stash and realizing you dont have enough. That you want to go shopping and buy more for our next call. For our phone sex encounter will be so hot and so intense you will be begging to impress me with how much of a nylon aficionado you are. Your need to impress me you wont even realize your being teased.

Me teasing you with your fetish.

Teasing not just your cock.

But teasing your mind.

Think your ready for a whole mind body tease?

Oh and I should warn you I am not above using my hypnotic skills to ensure that mind tease is a deep one either. Oh yes for those that dont know me well I am an erotic hypnosis goddess and I adore weaving my voice in your mind and making you weak.