What your Phone Vixen Listens Too

I know I wasnt going to do any Top 7 type of blogs but I was listening to a song on the radio and thought I would do one that was more get to know me rather than a phone sex fetish one. So thought the 7 songs that have me singing along right now.

1. Lorde ~ Royals

2. One Republic ~ Counting Stars

3. Neon Trees ~ Everybody Talks

4. Pink ~ Blow Me One Last Kiss

5. A Great Big World ~ Say Something

6. Mumford and Sons ~ Little Lion Man

7. Robin Thicke ~ Blurred Lines (yes even after the whole Miley stuff)

MIght as well list the artist I love to listen too. I mean I am on a roll after all.

1. Bruno Mars missed the chance to see him play here and regret it.

2. Pink for as long as I can remember always loved her stuff. Believe she is coming to Vancouver soon. So that would make a special treat *wink*

3. Sarah McLachlan grew up listening to her

4. Barenaked Ladies

5. Neon Trees

6. Black Eyed Peas

7. Adelle