Mind Controlling Hypnotic Goddess Savannah

Being honest, I am not a vixen that is big on drinking. Sure I dont mind a glass of bubbly here and there but over all I enjoy having my senses with me. Course with saying that I will admit that I do love getting inebriated off other things.

Oh yes I know your sitting there going but Savannah what could you possibly get inebriated off of? Well mind controlling hypnotic phone sex trances of course.

mind controlling hypnotic phone sex trance

There is nothing hotter than taking control of a guy’s mind. Sure he knows he is about to fall under my hypnotic trance but he literally has no idea how deep he is about to go. For he just laid back and opened himself up to someone who is the best at erotic hypnosis phone sex, so he knows he is in for a wonderful time. Just doesnt know how enraptured he will become over my sultry voice.

A voice that is not altered by any substances including cigarettes. For I feel my voice will reach far deeper when its in its purest form. Those sweet twirls. The way I can lengthen a word to become something sensual all on its own.

Now really this was to discuss you wanting to open up to become mine but really its turning into how you cant resist wanting to have my seductive voice in your mind. So really why wait to have me take control of you give me a call. Lets end 2017 in the most amazing way. Having you fall under my hypnotic trance and obeying my every sultry command.

Sounds absolutely wonderful to me. Course I am the one whispering those mind controlling hypnotic words in your ear. So course it sounds wonderful to me.

If I dont talk to you before the end of the year. Have a wonder and safe New Years Eve, for I definitely want to enjoy playing with you well into 2018.

Just ask for Savannah.