Castration Erotic Hypnosis

Often times there are things in the news that will remind me of a caller or trigger the basis of a blog. However, never in all my life has an article hit my funny bone so hard due to its perfect timing. I should start at the beginning I have a gentleman (use that term rather loosely) who calls for erotic hypnosis sessions.

castration erotic hypnosis phone sex

We have done various sessions from cock shrinking to enforcing wearing panties to just desiring a pussy. What we cover is really no rhyme or reason but they all have the same basis of he shouldnt have that cock. Come to think of it we have even done some castration hypnosis.

Anyways we were doing a few calls this week that tied into castration. I will not go into the full details just cause I havent really blogged about him before I I hate to reveal the full topic without his approval, something I like to get from most my callers.

So up pops this story about the man who gets his balls stuck in an IKEA chair. Now admittedly I laughed my ass off first never did I think of my dear nutless caller. Not till he sent me the link. He didnt say anything. Just the link. Guessing wondering what my reaction would be.

“Guess your going to IKEA to buy a chair!”

Now granted my mind was swirling around our last 2-3 erotic hypnosis phone sex calls where we had been focusing on a version of castration so I rather forgot he needed to have balls in order to get them stuck in a chair.

Ooops my mistake. Course that little idea wouldnt be lost on anyone else who is up for some castration fantasy fun!

Now if your into some wild castration fantasy or cock shrinking fantasy then I would love to have you fall under my spell. Let me get my hands not only on your mind but your balls too!