Hypnotic Castration

hypnotic castration

I never try to say I have heard it all when it comes to phone fantasies for there will always be that one person out there that will have some fantasy that I have yet to explore. There are times where its not so much that its not the phone sex fantasy but how he is looking for them to put together that makes it a unique and different phone sex call. Such was the case during an erotic hypnosis phone sex call last night, there isnt much I havent done during a hypno session but there was one guy who called that had me going huh never thought of that before. He was looking for a castration phone sex call sure I have done the occasional castration call but never done one with someone under hypnosis. To put him under my trance only to remove his balls.  The excitement in his voice when he reached down to feel his balls and there be nothing there.

Hypnotic castration one way to have your balls taken from you!


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