Seductive Ass Tease

Hello. Where do I start so much going on. Those that have talked to me over the last few weeks knew I was attempting to plan my closest friend’s birthday, which you would think would be an easy task! Not quite sure how I ended up being the one to plan the party. Though she will probably want me to plan her party every year since she ended up with a near week long celebration. Between girls only dinners and wild adventures of bowling.

Now I have to admit that bowling never really came up on my radar of things to do. I had been brain storming with a guy friend what to do for my friend cause the usual things were, well the usual. So he said lets all go bowling. Only when we got there did I figure out his intent on recommend bowling. For all the guys had a good reason to sit there and stare at our asses as we were up there bowling. Sure there was no premeditation there? I remember bending over in my dark green t-shirt that had a lose neck and my friend on the other side of the ball return going nice tits Sav!

Look down only to see that I was giving him the perfect view of my 34B’s in my sexy black push up bra. Then I was standing there in my skinny dark jeans. There was a whistle from the peanut gallery of men. Which prompted most of the bowling league to look over as I was bowling. Now those that know me will know that I am a teasing phone sex vixen for a reason. I tease men on and well off the phone. So while I stood there about ready to toss the ball down the lane I took my time ensuring that those men had a good vision to masturbate to later. Putting on my best ass shaking bowling moves down the alley way. I only wish they resulted in a strike but a phone sex vixen can’t have everything.

Before too long, someone came up with a drinking game. Proving you really can create drinking games for everything. Though I think the guys were hoping to get some where with us girls. Rather back fired!


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