Cucking in Front of the Salesman

Hello Hypno Lovers

Been a crazy few weeks for your favorite phone vixen.

My fridge decided to give me the big old middle finger and have been working on finding a new one. You would think this would be an easy process just go down find one you like and get but seems the ones I like are rather popular as they are back ordered for months. Luckily enough have a small beer fridge which is being used as my main fridge but I am so going to love it when I get a proper fridge. You will probably hear me scream in delight.

cuckold phone sex

You would think having an excuse to go shopping would be great but unfortunately shopping for appliances just isn’t as sexy as say going shopping for lingerie or shoes.

Well unless you take a male friend who is hunting for a new mattress and you venture into the mattress section of the store and have some fun with the salesmen there. The poor old man we had really didnt appreciate my guy friend’s sense of humour when he said one bed was perfect for fucking as the high of the bed had his cock lined up perfect with the top of the bed. So he really didnt care if the bed was comfy or anything. For all he was doing was envisioning bending over some chick and fucking her from behind.


I am not saying that is a bad thing but I least want a bed that is the right firmness for cowgirl as well as the right height for some bent over action.

I really shouldnt take him shopping with me for I will probably end up with a new bed at this rate too.

That sort of gets my mind going on some cuckold fantasies.

Where I go shopping for the perfect bed for fucking my big dick lovers in. Course I dont bother taking my cuckold boyfriend/hubby with me there is no point. Not like your going to see the light of day in that bed. Well other than to clean out my pussy or fluff some cock. I will take a man I plan to fuck and well course I need to know that bed is going to be perfect for fucking….. Actually scratch that I would take my cuckold hubby with me for I am sure the sales man would love to laugh at how your treated.

I would love to humiliate you in front of the salesperson.


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