Sensual Phone Tease

Hello Phone Lovers. Everyone has certain things that excite them. For one particular person I talked to over the weekend it was white high heels with black stockings. The contrast between them left him speechless. He just couldnt think of anything else.

I loved knowing he was so comfortable, well more like so horny that he felt the need to tell me what got his cock so hard. What made him so weak.

I had to thank him for sharing his weakness. The thing that made him unable to think straight. Its so much easier when one just hands over that information rather than me having to tease the information out of him.

sensual phone sex

Don’t think that cause I didnt tease the information out of him that I didnt tease him! Far from it. For I am all about being a sensual phone sex tease. It is what excites me. And knowing I had his weakness. That I could exploit him with that weakness. To better yet ruin him with that tempting information.

So I really have to say thank you R for handing over what is only the start of so much more exciting information. For you know hearing my sensual voice describing your erotic image shall be running through your mind and only building the addiction.

Welcome to being addicted to me R.

Look forward to tempting you with your erotic images and pushing you farther.


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