Capturing Shrinking Men with Savannah

Who doesnt like to watch a gorgeous woman grow before you. Or is it more your shrinking? Either way you will be a little micro man just barely able to look over my perfectly pedicured toe. Hoping I wont lift my foot up and squish you.

giantess phone sex

ts so tempting.

Look at it from my view.
Looking down at my red strappy sandal and my red painted toes and seeing this man bug quivering. I mean really I dont want to ruin a perfectly good pedi with your juice all over my feet but at the same time I can not have you just running around lose. That is when I just use my feet and make a little foot cage around you. Good luck trying to crawl and climb your way over these feet, as I had put lots of lotion on them before putting them in my sandals which means they are extra slippery and your little fingers wont get a single grip on them.
See your going to be my entertainment watching you slip and fall over and over again.
Go ahead man bug do you think you will escape from my massive foot cage?
Well do you?