Virtual Succubus Story

The other day I had got an instant message from someone I hadn’t talked to in absolute ages it seems. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember from the nick name but he thankfully he reminded me that we had done a succubus phone sex fantasy a while ago. He was looking to do another call but before had had to share a temptress fantasy he had written that he wanted to inspire out next call.

succubus phone sex

After reading it I thought it would make an interesting blog post. So hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did….

Virtual Succubus by Brian
My body convulses, jerking me suddenly upright and disoriented as I search the darkness around my bed My eyes are still unfocused,caught in the mist of my fading dream. My pulse is races and I feel the familiar tingle of Mixed feelings of panic and arousal slowly begin to fade with the details of my dream….. leaving me trembling and confused.
I feel drained….. even more exhausted than when I had fallen into bed a few short hours before.
I force myself to lie back down, trying in vain to fall back to sleep, but instead toss and turn fitfully. …defeated by the now familiar throbbing between my legs .
I reach down to adjust myself, and resign myself to the fact that I’m far too HARD to go back to sleep.
I look anxiously over at my sleeping wife as I delicately slip out of bed, and head for the den.
Maybe a little Online audiovisual distraction (and manual release) will take away the edge and ease the insistent throbbing in my shorts.
I sign onto the PC and quickly bypass my usual sites, feeling drawn to something different….something edgier.
As I am checking out skinny Pale EMO models on a large pop up add suddenly blocks the middle of the page.
3D pulsing blood red letters spelling out “SOUL SUCKER” and fill the center of my screen. Draped over the sides of the letters are a pair of pale skinned and latex clad virtual “Girls”.
In keeping with the occult theme, these animated figures look like little fetish demonesses, complete with fangs, cute little horns and long wicked (phallic tipped) tails . Both of the little figures seem to look right at me as they beckon and pose enticingly.
The 3D animation on these little figures is amazing !! The arousal I feel as I watch them stroke and lick the tips of their tails is undeniable, but at the same time disturbing. Animation was not usually a big “turn on” for me. But something in the way their eyes seemed to look right at me…into me…. was unnerving… and HOT !
As I move the mouse to close the page, the closest little Demoness quickly reaches out and actually grabs the tip of my cursor as it passes her on the screen !
With disbelief, I watch her drag the the tip of the arrow down between her legs . Her eyes lock hungrily with mine as she begins to grind against it moaning with pleasure .
Her tongue runs over the tips of exposed fangs as she begs in need.” Click me!!!….Give it to me !!! DO IT NOW !!!!”
Her actions and words invoke an immediate rush of lust and a tightening in my balls. I can’t stop my body’s response and the sudden contraction of my hand.
I watch in amazement as the little demoness gasps and bucks with each repeated click.
I watch entranced as the animation begins to change…..The little demoness fades from the screen, leaving behind my flashing ( and now dripping) cursor over a button marked “ENTER OUR DOMAIN”.
I can’t stop myself from clicking the link..
My hand is still mindlessly contracting …. hitting the mouse button even after the screen has gone black.
Around my blinking cursor a light begins to grow… and the main “Soul Sucker” webpage opens. The light begins to reveal a vast cavernous 3D space filling the screen and the reddish glow spills out into the room around me. The Hades like landscape is populated by a legion of demonic 3D animated beauties fading into the distant darkness.
Each little Demoness at the front of this crowd appears unique and exquisite in detail….I can’t help but marvel again at the quality of the animation… the lithe 3D figures exude raw sexuality and desire. The lust radiating from each little demoness is palpable . I feel their desire directed out of the screen at me and my body twitches in response to each provocative motion and glance . Their lust filled eyes seem to follow mine , adding to the eery feeling that they can see me…and are looking straight out of the screen….. at me.
I feel my cock swell and throb in response as they lick their lips hungrily.
I know they are just high tech cartoons but looking at these little fanged beauties suggestively stroking and licking the phallic tips of their long demonic tails was getting me hot! .
Without thinking I ignore the button marked “Save my soul and get Me out of here” and instead click the button marked ” Tempt me , I want to see MORE” .
The next webpage that opens looks like some kind of Fetish Webcam/Videosex site…but again with a goth/occult/devilish twist.
The slogan below the, now familiar , 3D “SOUL SUCKER” header reads… ” Customized Temptations You Can’t Resist !!!..”
Below this, the screen was populated by a new batch of hot Virtual “Demonessas”
This time, there is a tempting trio of the little animated Vamps
posing in ” Peepshow” style booths. Each wicked fetish temptress looking out and beckoning the viewer to click on the box at the base of her window.
These boxes seemed to be typical menu options including :
A platinum blonde alabaster vamp in the last booth immediately caught my attention. She had a slim girlish figure and angelic features …but her actions anything but angelic!!!!
Her long tail was tucked between her legs from behind and protruding up and out from between the hairless lips of her pussy like a long slim cock….
She stared impishly at me as she pumped it with one little hand while beckoning me to come into her lair …..
Before I realize what I am doing I am clicking on the box below her …labelled RISK FREE OFFER.
On the new screen that opens….more little vamps pose around text that says:
Create your own little temptress !!!
Interact with her “live” on cam !!!!
Get your first 10 minutes free of Risk!!!
Heaven will never feel this good……or this naughty! Our addictive girls are To Die For ***!!
( ***no actual risk to body or soul during risk free trial period )
Just fill out Our Questionaire, Pick your Poison, and see if you can resist…..Temptation! ”
I hesitate momentarily at the odd wording about “picking poison” and “risk to body and soul” but decide it is probably just a part of the whole “goth/occult theme” , and free is free right?…..
My uneasiness fades and is eventually overruled by the arousal I feel each time I look at the provocative little demonesses on the screen.
with my heart racing I click the next link and open the questionaire.
It looks like a search tool for an adult dating site. It has some familiar headings and a few areas for “fill in the blank”comments.
Without really thinking about it I start to type in my responses…
I begin by filling in my required personal info, Name , Age etc. and then move on to answer the “Design your Temptress” and “Preferred Sins and Perversions” sections. This was mostly done by checking boxes and filling in a few short blanks…
The initial category was pretty basic, “Desired Physical Characteristics for Your Personal Temptress:”
Hair: blonde /long /straight
Body type: very skinny/ waif-like / elfin/ long limbs, tiny
Eyes: blue
Skin tone: pale/ milk white
Breasts: b/c cup/small pale nipples
Pussy: bald/hairless
Feet: small/slim
The next category under “Personality Traits” was quick as well as I checked off boxes next to :
X sweet
X smart,
X seductive,
X kinky,
I quickly filled out “Clothes/lingerie preferences:”
Color preferred: black
Favorite items: long gloves,stockings.collars,waist cinchers
Material: Shiny “wet look” Latex/PVC, fishnet
Shoes: open toe platforms, platform stillettos
Toys/Accessories: strapon, double dildo, vibrators, anal toys
and then I moved on to a more extensive list of choices, (some of which I had never even heard of) in the category of
“Activities that get you hot:”
x Ass worship /Pussy worship /Facesitting/Queening
x Guided masturbation, “masturbatrix”
x Orgasm control/edging
x Anal play /Prostate massage “milking”
x Nipple play / licking / biting
x Strapon, pegging
x Cum eating / Snowballing /Cream pies
x Water sports (golden/ partial toilet)-receiving
x Femdom (sensual)
x Role plays Taboo/ family / Religious-Supernatural (Demoness, Succubus,Vampiress), seductive taboo lolita/ little girl domme/ forced ageplay
I hesitated a minute toward the end and then went ahead and checked
x Shemale/Ladyboy/ Transexual-Futanari
Then there was a series of questions at the bottom of the list that was a little out of the ordinary that started to flash.
?Who do you wish didn’t get you hot??
What is their relation to you?
and then, a box labelled “Tell us more”
I thought about this one, but didn’t have to think for long.. My cock was already twitching with excitement as I typed my reply….
My hands moved quickly, typing in the answers with unnatural/uncharacteristic speed,
At the blank next to “Who do you wish didn’t get you hot?” I typed …… “KATIE”
Then the next blank, “My Ex-Wife”
Into the box requesting “tell us more” I started typing again, and it just poured out……
Pale , skinny and waif like, Katie is still the object of many unsatisfied and repressed desires. Some of these desires undoubtedly contributed to our split. Despite years of explanations and pleading, Katie never understood or really wanted to indulge my kinkier and submissive desires. I still throb with desire thinking of my little elfin bride (as I did from the first time I saw her) . I ached to be hers and dreamed of being seduced , taken and violated by that tiny slip of a girl…. to be used as her slut, her cum whore, her tinkle drinker. The desire to just adore and worship that perfect round little ass……( and the rest of that tiny thin body) was overwhelming. Unfortunately even my more mainstream desires just to please her orally, were only occasionally endured by her . I couldn’t help but want her though. Katie’s tiny but long legged little bod and regal demeanor had kept me stroking many nights. For years I fantasized about my little angelic wife, dressed in wicked slick black fetish lingerie , sweetly taking control and giggling at her power over me…..making me tremble with desire as I profess my love…. and sweetly making me admit, over and over, that “I am Katie’s helpless slut “. I dreamed of Katie making me stroke for her while she sits enthroned on my face . Telling me to worship her perfect ass, and her cum filled tiny pussy , making me lose control into her waiting hand as I admit that I am “Katie’s weak stroker” and “Katie’s cum whore. I would tremble in submissive ecstasy hearing her tell me to lick up all my “Cummies and Spermies” to please her ..
I had felt this from the day I met her (when she was only 16) till long after our split 12 years later. To this day, images of her, like these….. haunt me…. ”
I looked back in disbelief at my frank and revealing reply even as I hit
The questionnaire disappeared and was replaced by message that began to flash in the blackness
Thank you for your help,…. please wait for your Free Trial with your Temptress”
Due to the length of the story I am going to be breaking it up, I know always the constant tease. So stay tune for the continuing saga of Brian’s Virtual Succubus.