Become Savannah’s Lesbian Lover

Those of you who are regular readers to my blog are familiar with Marky, him and I have an on going lesbian fantasy which can be rather complex at times. To be honest not even sure how long we have been talking other than we have brought in various phone sex girls over time to indulge in our elaborate fantasy.

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The other day was no different as we brought in Hope, a sweet girl. The basis of the fantasy was one where she had been interacting me through emails about being lesbian. How did you know etc. I had extended an invitation to her to join myself at the estate so that she could find her true self. Knowing full well that I was going to be seducing her the moment she arrived. How could I not really for she was so sweet and sexy.

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Course I did just that creating that moment where she could have her first lesbian experience. Which of course was intense and mind blowing. That moment had her knowing she would never want a man again.

Welcome to the estate Hope.

Looking forward to doing more 2 girl calls with Hope and exploring where this aspect our lesbian sex fantasy will go.