Virtual Female Demon Story Concludes

Here is the continuation of Brian’s story Virtual Succubus. I know you have been waiting for it.

Conclusion to Virtual Succubus by Brian….

The next thing to materialize on my screen is a cam shot labelled “Latex Princess’s Lair”
The screenshot under the title shows a waist high closeup of slim, shiny black gloved fingers opening and slipping between pale bald lips.

Below the picture it says…..

” Click here to see if you can resist me and my little Soul Sucker”
Intrigued , I click and open it…

The screen changes, now showing an Webcam view slowly panning across a mirror image of my study…. The first thing I see is the computer on the desk open to the “SOULSUCKER” site. Light from the screen fills the room with a reddish glow. I try to focus on the screen but my eyes are quickly drawn away by the reflection in the mirrored wall beside it. I am captivated by the sight of an amazingly hot looking pair of open toed platform heels and long skinny legs covered with black latex stockings sticking up from a pile of cushions. The shiny fetish heeled little feet are bouncing up and down in the air.
Before I can say or type anything, A girlish voice in the background comes through my speakers saying,

succubus phone sex

“Are you ready to play my naughty stroking game? I got all ready, just for you! Are you stroking for me yet?” , “I know your cock wants you to… I can feel it getting hard for me … so do it for me! Give in,,,,,and stroke for your little Temptress! ”
I quickly begin to fumble with my belt and zipper , my eyes riveted to the screen before me…
” You like to watch my pretty little feet bounce while he takes me don’t you? , look at them and Stroke for me Brian!”
My stiffening cock begins to throb and twitch…without hesitation, I start to stroke, mesmerized by both the scene of fornication in the pillows, and at just how hot her bouncing little feet look. Those delicate pale toes and pink painted nails sticking out beyond the cut/opened ends of her latex stockings, look so lickable…..and so wickedly sexy in those platforms…

And then that sweet, oddly familiar voice calls out again.

“Watch us Brian , Stroke and imagine it… feel what my lover is feeling, slipping in and out of my hot lil body….feel my juices cover you in intoxicating wetness…… Feel what he is feeling……as his cock is being milked by my hungry little pussy!!!!”
Her voice is seductive, so sweet…so dirty…. and…. compellingly familiar.
My eyes remain riveted to the screen as I stroke, listening to her….imagining how good it would feel if it was me.. there above her….instead of just watching on a screen.

I CAN almost feel the tight, hot wetness of her body, ….amplifying the pleasure of my stroking….as she continues.
“Oh yes! It is sooo good! I’m pulling him in so deep between my little lips. My juices have already drugged him, and he’s too deep inside now…… too deep to pull away….too deep to even want to pull out of the ravenous, sucking little mouth around his cock!!!

“Can’t you feel it Brian???”
“I feel it getting you so hot just watching ! ”
“You like watching your little Temptress in action don’t you !”
“I can feel you wanting me too, I feel your desire and it is making me hungry for more…..look at me!!!! Sin and stroke Naughty boy! You can’t stop now!”

“I wanna make you leak some Cummies while you watch me . Leak just a little of yourself for me into your hand! YES !!! Sin and spurt a little liquid life for me!
“Do it for me Brian! Show me how much you want me!” she pants in time to the bouncing of her shiny black heels.
The camera zooms back a little showing just a hint of long blonde hair and pale skin standing out against the cushions around her.
I can see her skinny little body shake beneath the broad torso over her/between her long thin legs. The thrusting form is pounding her with abandon and she is gripping him tightly with her slim arms (covered in shiny long black gloves).
He appears lost in the pleasurable depths of her body…. a willing victim trapped in her web of desire. His head is swimming in the currents of drug induced lust… poisoned by her phermone laden scent and intoxicated by her juices as they soak through his skin. I watch him mindlessly thrusting as her long, black shiny limbs close around him. His eyes are half lidded, with pleasure and unaware of the long slim tail slipping out from behind the tiny girlish figure beneath him.( Oh my God!!! It looks so real! Pale like her skin, with a pink phallic tip….just like the tails of the little animated website figures!) Her black gloved hands move to down to his ass,first caressing and then gripping and parting his cheeks. I watch in fascination as the dripping pink tip of the little demonesses tail moves into position behind him and then suddenly plunges forward, burying itself in his exposed opening! He gasps and his body stiffens with the initial penetration, but then, as the demoness beings to pump in and out, his gasps change to moans of ecstasy. I watch with fascination and horror as the tiny Demoness fucks him from above and below driving him over the edge. Uncontrollably, his body begins shaking, quaking in an unstoppable orgasm

“Oh Brian ! He’s giving it ALL to me!! YES!!! Pumping my hungry little pussy so full its leaking out!”

“Are you leaking for me too, hungry Daddy?, I bet you aaare…” she giggles.

“I can Feel it……. mmmm You’re gonna squirt for me squirt too !!! So naughty…Give it to me!!! Give it now Daddy!!! ”
My balls tighten to the sound of her sweet teasing voice, and even as I stop stroking, little spurts of cum begin to leak into my hand.. .I know I should disconnect the link online, but as I try to move my hand toward the mouse.. I find that I can’t.
Her girlish voice is like a drug and I feel overwhelmed, as she taunts me,
“You can’t resist me even though its so naughty! You want to see more and your hand and your cock are betraying you.. stroking for me…leaking for me, Oh yesss it is So good when it leaks for me!!! Can you feel it Brian ?….. I feels so good!! Draining you!!! HMMMM and making me stronger”
“Lift it to your mouth Brian!’
” Sin for me !! Taste your Cummies for me and imagine licking it off of my little body. Lick it all up for me! Be my naughty cum eating daddy!!”
The camera zooms out, as she pulls the thick , cum slick cock of her “Friend” out of her little bald pussy.
He is still impaled on her tail , and spurting impossible stream after stream of glistening life. I watch him helplessly groaning in mindless pleasure , locked in what seems to be an unending orgasm as her tail continues to pump and milk him from within. The Succubus’ girlish little body is sprayed with cum as she pulls it hungrily up toward her mouth.She smiles sweetly into the camera looking straight at me …..
My right hand is moving of its own accord, pumping up and down. While my other hand is already at my lips.
My tongue is coated with the taste of my own cum and keeps licking…unable to resist her sweet command..I can’t pull my eyes away from the screen, not believing what I am seeing.

That face!!

It cannot be …but it is Katie!!
My little Katie’s sweet face …..and the hungry lust filled stare from under her blonde bangs immobilize me.
It really is Katie, …not how she would be now but how she was..
The little demoness looks exactly like my first bride from so long ago …
I am unable to look away unable to even blink as that sweet voice taunts me…

” Stroke for little Katie…… Give in to your weakness… your secret sin… Give in to the one you should NOT want…. Katie is soo hungry for you too !!!! I need you Brian…I need you to feed me with your lust!!!”

My hand continues to stroke and I shudder helplessly as I watch the white and blue of her eyes turn to pure pitch black.
The groans of ecstasy from the figure above her begin to fade , replaced by barely audible, and weakening breathing.
She smiles wickedly, knowingly, as she wantonly runs her tongue over sharp little teeth and then licks at the thick base of the (still spurting) cock in her cum covered little hand.
She hungrily closes her lips over it milking out the last drops as the figure collapses, completely drained, behind her.
Her voice is suddenly different, more seductive ,compelling, and irresistible as she says, “Look into my eyes Brian… See what I have to offer……”

Vertigo hits me as I am drawn into the black depths beneath those girlish blond bangs, and I feel myself falling……

When My head clears I find myself on my back on the floor with tiny latex clad Katie standing above me!
My cock twitches with desire as I look with disbelief at those long skinny legs , following them down to the shiny platform heeled little foot on each side of my head . So amazing, and so close, I could almost reach them, kiss them, just by turning my head…..

“Look up at YOUR temptress Brian!”

A commanding, yet sweetly girlish voice snaps me out of my adoration, and I return my gaze upward….. in response.

” I am here for you!!”

“Look up at your tiny Goddess!!”

“I am the same Katie you shouldn’t want, and sooo much more!”

“Yes!!!! Look up at Sweet skinny girlish Katie and your most depraved fetish dream girl all in one!”

” I can, and will break all your taboos….I can be naughtier, dirtier….Younger…..Than anything you should want!!!”

“and if you were a better man…….a Stronger man, you would NOT be laying there throbbing ,twitching and stroking, but you aren’t so strong now are you???? sooo hard and leaky for this little body….”

“You are such a weak little perv aren’t you Brian? ….I can see your shameful weakness throbbing there in your hand… waiting for me ….aching to feed me your soul and your life a drop at a time!!!! I can feel all that guilty, sinful lust radiating from you ….and It makes me….hmmmmm Hungry for more!”

“Look up at sweet skinny little Katie , dressed SO naughty…with my bald little pussy all full of cummies !!!”

” Its such a naughty hungry lil thing . It just milked my big friend dry…but it wants MORE!!!!!

” It needs you to sin and give it kisses….”

“Are you gonna to give in to me Brian.???…..

I know you wanna….

I know you wanna feel how good I can make it as you worship this lil body…..

I”ll let you taste me ….. I”ll let you finally be Katie’s little cum eating stroker ”

“I know you can’t resist KATIE ….You don’t Really even want to resist !”
With one black gloved hand she reaches down and parts her little cum covered lips letting a thick pool form at the opening….

“My little girl pussy is all cummy and dirty Brian….”

“Won’t you open wide and lick it all clean…….for Katie?”

“I’ll let you kiss and worship Katie’s perfect BALD pussy, but only if its dirty….. Like it is now….All nawty and full after milking my big friend dry!!!”

“You see…..I need you to sin for me Brian.”

“I need the life and soul that leaks from you when you sin with me”

“The dirtier we get…the more it concentrates in your seed !!”

“won’t you give Katie just a little squirt of cummies?”

“such a small price to pay…. get to play with me”

“Katie will make it feel so good….. and SO wrong……better and naughtier than you’ve ever imagined…..
“I need something too….”

” I can give you your deepest and dirtiest desires….but you gotta feed me ….to keep me…..Feed me with your lust…give me your sin….don’t hold back !!!! It makes you taste so much sweeter to me when its real dirty!!!!…..all you have to do is give in ……”

“Tell me you ” Love Me ” and “Love being Katie’s cumwhore”,

“Tell me how you ache to eat my little cream pie Brian.”

“Watch Katie’s bald little pussy getting closer and closer as I squat down…”

“OH daddy , when I get to your lips it’s gonna squeeze out such a big mouthful of those cummies that he filled me with!!!!”

“and you’re gonna lick, and worship my lil pink slit like a good Daddy slut!!
I watch with disbelief , unable to accept that this could be happening, and tremble as I watch that tiny, skinny body lowering toward me…

She grins down at me wickedly, knowingly, as she hovers bare inches above my lips.
I can’t stop from obeying as she tells me to “Open wide!!!”

Just as I do, the vertigo hits again and I am back …looking into those impossible bottomless eyes staring out at me from the computer screen..

Her smile is wicked and knowing as she giggles girlishly and then breaks the silence in Katie’s voice…
“This what you”ve always wanted slutty boy! I know how you ache for Katie to be your little fetish mistress!! I know how you still yearn to be Katie’s weak hungry cumwhore, Brian!!”

“Feed me…and I can give you that, and sooo much more!!!”

“All you have to do is sign up for the ” INTERACTIVE SERVICE” and I can make it all sooo real !!”
At the bottom of the screen a new button appears, topped with instructions, terms and disclaimers. It begins flashing insistently ” CONNECT TO INTERACTIVE SERVICE” , but all I can do is tremble, lost in those impossible eyes..still shaking with disbelief at the things I have seen and heard….

“Tell me you are mine Brian! Say “I am Katie’s slut”
“Say it Now Brian !”
“I am Katies slut” I stammer in a haze of desire
“Yes my daddyslut you are! Now, say it over and over…
while you stroke for Katie …… Sin for me and lick up another little mouthful of cummies from that weak leaky cock…get it flowing and ready for me….”

My hand begins to move and I swear that I can feel it being pulled up and down by little gloved fingers wrapped around my wrist. My cock is already on the edge and immediately begins to spurt into my waiting palm…Unable to stop myself, I lift my soiled hand to my lips and begin to lick as I say……

“I am Katie’s slut”
“I am Katies slut!”
Then the screen went blank..

Risk Free Trial Over, ……

For those looking to to a succubus phone sex fantasy just give Savannah a call.