Sissy Erotic Hypnosis Trance with Savannah

Some times you just know that your not meant to have your balls. Or least they are the things that get in the way of your enjoying wearing pretty lingerie and will do anything to rid your body of them.

erotic hypnosis trance

Yes one such panty boy though not sure if I have ever considered it a panty boy per say. All I know is he hates that bulge and would do anything to be rid of it. So with a little help of an erotic hypnosis trance I am help guide him to a world where his cock isnt a penis and well his balls arent testicles anymore. That the mere thought of getting hard like a man has him feeling the most intense pain in those so called balls.

Yes you could consider it a bit of cock and ball torture but really its far deeper than that. He knows that he should be aroused in that manner. His cock shouldnt get hard and he should be wearing panties like all the pretty girls. Perhaps he is a sissy boy that knows for him to be truly considered that his cock and balls must no longer work any more.

All I know is its rather fun messing with his mind while he is under my erotic hypnosis trance and planting triggers that will have him feeling pain. Also, working on him recognizing his cock and balls as ovaries and a clit.

If you ask me we are well on our way to him no longer having that cock and well he does wear panties more often than not. Sure the panties started before he talked to me but he does make sure they are pretty ones for me.

Just ask for Savannah when you call.

Please remember for erotic hypnosis phone sex call it requires more time. So ensure you have 30 minutes minimum set aside so you can enjoy the full mind fuck experience.