Sissy Erotic Hypnosis Trance with Savannah

Some times you just know that your not meant to have your balls. Or least they are the things that get in the way of your enjoying wearing pretty lingerie and will do anything to rid your body of them.

erotic hypnosis trance

Yes one such panty boy though not sure if I have ever considered it a panty boy per say. All I know is he hates that bulge and would do anything to be rid of it. So with a little help of an erotic hypnosis trance I am help guide him to a world where his cock isnt a penis and well his balls arent testicles anymore. That the mere thought of getting hard like a man has him feeling the most intense pain in those so called balls.

Yes you could consider it a bit of cock and ball torture but really its far deeper than that. He knows that he should be aroused in that manner. His cock shouldnt get hard and he should be wearing panties like all the pretty girls. Perhaps he is a sissy boy that knows for him to be truly considered that his cock and balls must no longer work any more.

All I know is its rather fun messing with his mind while he is under my erotic hypnosis trance and planting triggers that will have him feeling pain. Also, working on him recognizing his cock and balls as ovaries and a clit.

If you ask me we are well on our way to him no longer having that cock and well he does wear panties more often than not. Sure the panties started before he talked to me but he does make sure they are pretty ones for me.

Just ask for Savannah when you call.

Please remember for erotic hypnosis phone sex call it requires more time. So ensure you have 30 minutes minimum set aside so you can enjoy the full mind fuck experience.


Erotic Tease Phone Sex with Savannah

Now being a tease there are certain things I will wear just to enhance the art of the tease. One of those things happens to be panties. Always funny a few times I will be engaging in an erotic tease phone sex call and the guy will be rather disappointed I am actually wearing clothing to some degree. They would rather my body be completely naked and free to explore in the mental image he is creating.

Oh but there is no fun in that for this sensual tease.

erotic tease phone sex

I mean sure I could sit back on my bed with my back nestled between the abundance of fluffy pillows to tell you have my soft Egyptian cotton sheets are draped over my naked body but I dont see the fun in that. Unless its a quickie type situation but I am not referring to that sort of tease and denial sexual interaction.

No I am talking about the type of erotic tease phone sex call that leads to you begging for that release from your very tight and rather denied balls. That orgasm that is pounding in your cock shaft.

That is the sort of tease and denial situation I am talking about where we take our time. Its a slow yet intense build up. One that could happen over the course of a day or two. Edging your orgasm. Edging your cock. Edging you.

Now with that sort of intense sensual tease I can not just tell you that I am naked ready for you. No! Far from it. I have to describe the clothes that are on my body which could very well only be panties. Soft cotton Calvin Klein bikini panties which I shall admit are my favorite type to wear in the evening along with my matching bralette. Some shade that just enhances my pale skin perhaps a deep blue with that signature white elastic CK is so well known for.

See now your getting the idea.

Now the only thing your missing is how I like to tease with my panties. For I dont wear them just to make you beg for me to take them off. Oh no half the fun is watching the ecstasy come across your face when you realize how divine this sensual tease phone sex fantasy was and I didnt remove my panties at all.

Come experience the ultimate cock tease fantasies with your favorite sensual tease Savannah.

Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Savannah

panty fetish phone sex

Are you someone with a fetish for panties? Be it you like to look at panties on women OR maybe wear them yourself? I am not here to judge what you do with women’s panties but only here to help add to your fun. Use fetish phone sex to explore your panty fetish desires.

For honestly there are so many ways we can go from humiliation; be you wearing them or what you stuff in those panties. Truly catch me on the right day and humiliation phone sex insults just fly out of my mouth. With a sweet smile of course.

Then there is those encouraging calls where I help you dive into wearing those panties of perhaps someone you know. See I have done fetish phone sex for so long I have heard all the excuses why you shouldnt indulge in your panty fetish and well I am here to say why not enjoy it!

Probably one of my favorites is the jerk off sessions with panty fetish boys. Yes I know it sounds weird but I love making you guys jerk off with your favorite item of women’s lingerie. The stories I hear about who’s panties you have wrapped around your cock at that precise moment is unreal. Some very taboo stories too.

Suppose I could just let you do what you need to in the privacy of your home but lets face it you want someone to talk to that understands your panty fetish. Talk to someone who can enhance your secret fetish. I am that person so give me a call for the hottest fetish phone sex around.