Unusual Fetish Phone Sex Top 7

In the journey to my phone sex anniversary thought I would post about some of the unusual fetish phone sex calls that were unique different or least at the time I did them were a bit bizarre. Some of the fetishes really fall on the list only cause I remember my first impression of them when I started doing phone sex. It was one of Wow! Really? this is a fetish? Have to thank the men who called and help teach me so much in the world of unusual, bizarre and the taboo fetishes. So on to the fetish list shall we

Top 7 Unusual Fetish Phone Sex Calls:

7. Succubus Fantasy: Now I know your going but you blog about this fetish quite often. Well I can admit that I didnt know about this fetish phone sex fantasy till a caller had introduced it to me probably during my first year. After my first introduction with the succubus fetish I was definitely reading up on it. Got to admit now its not so unusual.

6. Vore Fetish: Another confession when I first started learning this fetish thanks to a caller but he enjoyed it with a dash of shrinking fetish. So that made for some interesting and fun calls to themselves.

5. Cum Eating Cravings: Now this one fall under the you do this fetish all the time but at the first time it did strike me as unusual for the first guy wanted me to have him not just eat his cum but to crave his cum. Most would think of other things to get horny for him it was his mouth watering over the taste of his cum to get him masturbating. So you can thank him for my cum eating hypnosis.

4. Bathroom Fetishes: I was familiar with golden showers and this really goes into probably an area that doesnt even have a name or one that I have found for them yet but just those guys who perhaps have a fetish for running water. They enjoyed knowing that I was having a bath or shower during our call no matter what the topic was. I will never argue with a hot bubble bath while talking dirty.

3. Breast Growing Fetish: Now before you think oh this is a sissy transformation thing. No not so much there were a few guys who wanted to fall under my hypnotic control and let them have some big wonderful breasts to play with while they masturbated their cock.

2. Werewolf Transformation: Now unfortunately the name of the individual that goes with this call is completely escaping me (so sorry I have your voice right there in my mind) He had called me to say that he had an unusual fetish to do with with a female transformation hypnosis call and that was to do a werewolf twist. Well more to be a shewolf twist. Can say these were always interesting and exciting calls.

unusual fetish phone sex

1. Olfactophilia Fetish: Which is my dear caller from Florida who becomes aroused by strong smells usually of the country farm variety. He was another caller who came to me rather embarrassed with his request for his fetish for what he wanted his hypnosis fantasy to contain. I admitted I never had dealt with someone wanted to have triggers placed for strong foul odors. Usually its the smell of a woman’s pussy or even perfume but I am always up for pushing those comfort limits the callers as well as myself.

So that would be the few unusual fetish phone sex calls I have had over the years. Mind you most the fetishes are now ones that I adore doing and would like to believe I have mastered *wink* Course those that have not done a bizarre phone sex call with me will just have to call and try. Wont you?

Hope you enjoyed today’s list.


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