Nylon Fetish: Get Teased by Savannah’s Silky Legs

There is always that certain something about a woman that will have you feeling your cock harden. Her breasts. Her ass. Her legs.

For dear N its a combination of sexy legs wearing silky nylons for he has a touch of a nylon fetish or is it a fetish for sexy legs? Either way the thought of me wearing some very silky pantyhose during our call always has him popping a tent in his pants before we even talk.

nylon fetish

Course its not just my sexy legs encased in nylons that will have him reaching down into his pants to release that throbbing cock from its confines. Its also my sultry voice teasing him about how hard I am making. Teasing him with how badly he wants to spray his cum load all over my nude stalkings.

Knowing I am trailing my fingernail up my legs asking him if its my ankle he wants to coat with his cummies. Or would he prefer to shot his jizz load around my knee and watch it run down my hose?

I know so cruel to ask a man with a throbbing erection such difficult questions. Well they only get more difficult when I keep telling him I wont let him cum just yet. No! For he is to keep that throbbing shaft filled to the brim with sperm.

Its usually at that point that dear N is screaming for a release. He is craving me to stop teasing him with my toes that are trapped in nylons. To just let him stroke as hard as he possibly can so that he can blow that white jizz all over my legs.

Not so sure N.

Are you deserving of such things?

Have to wonder if you were to have a nylon fetish how long could you handle being teased by my sexy legs?

Cant bear to tell you how long N lasts… By the way its not very long.