Voraphila Phone Sex

Over time I have been doing a number of shrinking fetish calls and thought I have been doing them. I havent really been blogging them so that is a shame and thought it was time to change that. Just as I was about to blog it I realized just how many different role plays can revolve around the shrinking fetish. It wasnt till I had a call with someone that my mind was open up to even more options.

I was opened up to a part of the giantess fetish that I knew about but never realize had its own specific name. Voraphilia or vore by the fetishists that crave it. Its all about those men shrinking down to mouth size so that the giantess can swallow them whole. Well I have done a couple of fetish phone sex calls like that but of course was happy to find out the correct name to go with it. So thank you L.

As for our vore phone sex call it was hot and erotic. L knew exactly what he wanted. Like to be tricked in to jumping in to my mouth. No problem there. I mean I do have a tongue ring that distracted him. And he jumped on in. Silly boy. His other thing L liked was to be swallowed whole as apposed to being chewed. He wanted to enjoy that ride down my esophagus. The amount of water I guzzled it was a wild water ride on down watch out for the rapids at the end. LOL.

It was a great shrinking phone sex call and I had alot of fun. Looking forward to more phone sex calls with L.


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